Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD APK for Android With diverse battles, now not only playing with the machine, but you can also absolutely compete with online players in 1vs1 or 3vs3 battle. It can be said that, with such outstanding features, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter has gone far beyond the old version. Download Alien Shooter TD for iOS to be careful when downloading the game: you run the risk of escaping the real world for a long time to get completely absorbed in saving the Earth from the.

Alien Shooter 2 is an action shooting game with RPG gameplay elements. This game is similar to the Resident Evil franchise, except instead of being a zombie shooter, the enemies are aliens! Download this popular game now and develop your ninja-like character!


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From the developer of Zombie Shooter comes a sequel to Alien Shooter. Alien shooter 2 continues the horror of alien teleportation. This Sigma team game adopts a topdown shooter perspective with a tinge of RPG elements in it. The portals to another dimension are again opened. This time, Magma corporation was behind the experiment. They plan to transport the aliens through the portal and control them. However, they were overwhelmed by the number of human-killing aliens transported. Eventually, all the people within the facility were killed by the aliens. General Baker and his squad were sent into the facility and you were called in to assist the fight against the aliens. This story-line may be similar to Alien shooter but the action in this game is definitely doubled as Sigma team puts the action in its games above everything else.


  • Similar to alien shooter vengeance, the main objective of the game is to survive the hordes of relentless alien monster charging at you. In the process, you will have to clear the different monstrous creatures within the level. In this particular action and RPG game, you will have different mission-based objectives within the level. Complete these missions one after another before advancing to the next level. With aliens coming to you in all directions, survival becomes your main priority of the game.
  • You begin this shooting game with a low-level pistol with a large amount of ammunition. In your first level, you will encounter a significant number of weak bugs. As you proceed with the game you will find distinct differences that separate Alien shooter 2 from its predecessors. Within this arcade, action, and RPG-packed game, there is an additional level-up system where you get the authority to pump on your hero’s attribute. Giving you the room for character development and personalization. Another distinct difference in this large-scale sequel is the choice of learning a special ability during the start of the game. This may give you an added advantage in the early game depending on your choice. Although most of the offers don't give you immediate gratification, there are abilities that will come in handy in your early game. Police cars were also added as a vehicle for you, spicing up the arcade action in this online game. For players who think that sigma's pc games were manageable, Sigma has also made modifications to their classical games. There is an additional difficulty mode that was added to this sequel. The “impossible” mode.
  • There were more weapons added in alien shooter 2. In Alien shooter, there is a limited choice of 9 weapons. However, this number quadrupled to 50 over weapons that you can choose from throughout your gameplay. Unlike all the other PC games with only one campaign mode, alien shooter 2 offers you two new additional survival modes: stand firm and gun stand, on top of the typical campaign mode. I will not explain the campaign mode in much detail as this is quite similar to its predecessor. Stand firm is not really new but a redesign of the survival mode. In this mode, you will have to keep yourself safe while killing as many enemies as you can. At the end of each enemy wave, you will fight the boss. When the boss is defeated, it will drop 5 advanced weapons. Like the other classical games of Sigma team, equipment and power-ups are made available to you upon slaying the enemy. The final mode is the Gun stand. In this mode, you control a turret filled with ammunition. Where you must feed off the waves of enemies. With every wave completed, a blast will be triggered to kill all remaining enemies.
  • After looking at Alien shooter 2 's graphics, it looks as though someone had made a 3D model of the sprite images. It keeps the classic bird eye isometric view where players are topdown shooter approach. The music plays according to the mood of the game. It becomes really intense when you are charged by a massive number of aliens. The older enemies were redesigned which really blends into the new graphics. The redesign has had the game embellished with a refined game. Overall there is an improvement in the graphics and sound effect.

Alien Shooter 2 Cheats:

  • Invincibility - 'st2';
  • 15000 HP - 'st1';
  • +50 speed skill - 'cheats';
  • +100 weapons reloading skills - 'cheatw';
  • +10,000 money - 'cheatm' or 'stm';
  • Extra ammunition - 'stammo';
  • Level skip - 'stwnn';
  • Download shop on the level - 'stshop';
  • Kill all monsters on map - 'stk9';
  • Remove gamma from level - 'remgamma'.



System Requirements

  • File Size: 270 Mb
  • Operating System: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Alien Shooter Mod Apk is surprisingly a great android game with endless shooting challenges. An awesome gift for gamers who love to play space action games, with vibrant fires. Your task will be to take down all opponents invading your planet. Therefore, dive into never-ending shooting river and save the Earth.

In this action game, aliens attack in packs and you should be ready for numerous clashes with enemies. The world has called upon you, you are the last hope your people have, take on the last ship and save the planet. Moreover, collect rewards to upgrade your, improve weapons and be ready to challenge evil bosses in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter.

Alien Shooter Game

Download the N.O.V.A Legacy MOD APK. This app is amazing and highly recommended.

Alien Shooter Mod Apk Key Features:

Here’s why you need the modded alien shooter, fighting against powerful aliens is challenging. Therefore, we have hacked alien shooter and offered you android game mods. Check out the unlocked features;

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold/Diamonds
  • Unlocked Weapons
  • Infinite Ammo

It’s true that you’ll have access to every weapon right from the beginning and unlimited money to buy them. Also, use crystals to upgrade your ship’s capabilities for a better attack. We have also included cheats for android-1 mod games. So, dive into battle for the galaxy and never stop shooting.

Exciting Features of Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter:

  • Straightforward: Shoot the Enemies –The gameplay is quite simple and straightforward, yet addictive. Aim at the enemies and shoot them, take them down effectively before they do any hard to your spaceship. In addition, collect the buffs that fall out of once you shot the enemies to power up your weapons and advance the laser types.
  • Unlock Spaceships –Not only you are going to upgrade your weapons by using collected buffs, but also unlock new spaceships by leveling up in the combat. These spacecraft have unique and different fighting styles. Therefore, keep upgrading the ship because the combats will be difficult at every higher level.
  • Multiple Missions – Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter features more than 160 missions. Each higher mission is more difficult than the previous one and players need to beat the Boss in order to complete the mission.
  • Multiple Opponents –Some gamers find it boring to fight against one opponent. However, you are going to face multiple opponents at different stages of the game. Each of these enemies will have their own ability and attacking trick. So, dodge them wisely and aim with precision.

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Alien Shooter Td Hack Version Download For Pc

For those who are interested in a vertical scrolling action game, Galaxy attack Alien Shooter Mod Apk is an awesome space war game. Experience the endless shooting with interesting opponents. In addition, level up by completing missions and get involved in the immersive gameplay.

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In case you might be asking yourself how to play galaxy attack alien shooter, the gameplay is quite simple with vertical progression while firing at opponents. Best of all, the game is completely free to play.

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