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File Download Bloons TD Battles MOD APK on Android

If you like to kill time and have some fun while you’re doing it, then Bloons TD Battles APK are the game for you. The enjoyable video game is developed and published by Ninja Kiwi, with iOS development in collaboration with Digital Goldfish Ltd.

What is Bloons TD Battles?

Bloons TD Battles belong to the Bloons TD Series of games, and it is one of the latest offerings by the franchise. The first game came out in 2007, and since then, several titles have been released, with each one better than the last.

Bloons TD Battles were released in 2016 on multiple platforms, including mobile, PC., and PlayStation. What makes the game so appealing? Let’s find out!

Android Version: 4.1 and up. Bloons TD Battles - A great toy in the Tower Defense genre, which can be attributed to one of the founders of the Tower Defens style. The gameplay is created in a humorous way, we take control of the group of monkeys to. Download Mod APK » Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk » Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk Download » Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk Download Apk. Bloons TD 6 v26.1 mod. Download Bloons TD 6 v26.1 mod. Download Bloons TD 6 Mod APK on HappyModDownload. Get ready for a massive 3D tower defense game designed to give you hours and hours of the best. Hack Features: - god mode - money - monkey money - consumes - unlocked all towers - unlocked all heroes - unlocked all upgrades. Smash Hit Tower Defense Game. The Bloons are back and better than ever! Get ready for a massive 3D tower defense game designed to give you hours and hours of the best strategy gaming available.

  • Web: http://ninjakiwi.com/Games/Mobile/Bloons-TD-Battles-Mobile.html
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Google play iD: com.ninjakiwi.bloonstdbattles

Features of the game Bloons TD Battles!

  • Download Bloons TD 6 APK no MOD and get started with the craziest monkey tower-defense game ever. This game is sure to give you special and unique gameplay. Download APK (71.83 MB) Additional Information.
  • Android Version: 4.1 and up. Bloons TD Battles - A great toy in the Tower Defense genre, which can be attributed to one of the founders of the Tower Defens style. The gameplay is created in a humorous way, we take control of the group of monkeys to protect the base of the attack balloons.
  • Video: How to play

1. Free multiplayer game

First of all, the game is free to play, but you can rest assured that Bloon Tower Defense Battles will deliver excellent quality gameplay. You might not be spending any money in the beginning, but in-game purchases will entice you to empty your pockets. After all, in-game credits are always helpful in letting you advance through the different stages of the game.

The biggest selling point of the TD Battles are that it has a multiplayer option. You can play against your friends and earn bragging rights by winning every round. If you want to test your mettle against the top players worldwide, that is also possible with the new feature.

2. There are 20 custom maps

Moreover, you can play head to head with other players in more than 20 custom Battle tracks. There are brand-new towers and upgrades along with new attack and defense boosts.

But the most interesting of all upgrades is the ability to control your bloon. Such power allows you to move past the enemy’s defenses and hit the target.

Each new track comes with its challenges, awakening the competitive spirit inside you. After all, you have to destroy the opponent’s tower within the given time limit. If you fail, you lose credits, meaning you have to spend more time waiting before upgrading your tower defenses and attacks.

3. There are 4 challenge modes

Players can choose between four modes. The go-to Battle Arenas mode allows you to show who is Boss by battling other opponents in an all-out competition. The Assault mode is also an option, while the Defensive mode allows you to hone your tower defense skills.

The Practice mode allows rookie players to polish their game and get better in their strategy. Then, once you are ready, you can go online and try the multiplayer functionality.

The more skilled you are at preventing the bloons from reaching the end of the track, the more points and credits you will score. If you pop one bloon, you get 1 in-game credit.

However, if the bloon crosses to the end of the track, then you either lose lives or health. Both are indicated on the top of the screen. Once your lives reach zero, you have to wait for them to recharge or use in-game dollars to buy more lives.

4. Notice the different colors

The game has various bloons with special abilities to help them fight off the enemy’s defenses. You either get the normal bloon or the M.O.A.B. class. Regular bloons have colors including blue, green, yellow, and some unique color resembling that of a Zebra and even a ceramic color.

M.O.A.B. bloons are different, and they resemble a blip. They include the M.O.A.B. (Massive Ornary Air Blimp), the B.F.B. (Brutal Flying Behemoth), the D.D.T. (Dark Dirigible Titan), the ZOMG (Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness), and the BAD (Big Airship of Doom).

Regular bloons sometimes get superpowers such as camouflage (which allows them to stay undetected by the towers), regrowth (allowing the bloon to spring again up to their original shape), and fortified (which allows the health of the strongest bloon to 2x).

The intensity of bloons rises with each passing level. The waves get tougher, and the defenses are overworked. You must use your intelligent mind and the ability to strategize so you can survive the longest.

It is your job to decide when and where to place the defense mechanisms. Your success depends on them more so than your assault capabilities. However, a mixture of both can prove to be fruitful in competitive games online.

5. The all-new features include:

  • 22 amazing new monkey towers with 8 strong tower upgrades. You even get the C.O.B.R.A. monkey tower for the first time.
  • Monkey Tower Boost allows you to power up the monkey tower to attack faster for a short period.
  • Bloons Boost allows you to energize your bloons so they can attack with relentless force, but this feature is only available in Assault mode.
  • Customize your bloons with decals for a signature victory.

6. Cute, cartoon graphics

The game is not very graphics-oriented in that it has a very simple design. In other words, it’s an arcade game, so even if the graphics were pathetic, you would still play. The cute monkey characters are an attraction, and so are the pleasing tracks. It is an absolute treat to play and watch Bloons TD Battle.

Final verdict for BTB game

Bloons TD Battles MOD APK are not the first game in the series, and it is not the only game to have such a format. However, Bloons is riveting for its gameplay and enticing upgrades.

The game attracts you towards it, just like the legendary Angry Birds. There are no complex graphics, controls, or stories inside the game, just download it and enjoy it with your friends. If you have friends on Steam, the PC, version is perfect. Whereas the PlayStation variant is also fun to play.

The critics also score Bloons TD Highly for its simplistic gameplay. Both kids and adults can revel in its fun since it is so addicting.

Bloons TD Battles MOD FREE

Play game Bloons TD Battles MOD Medallions on Android

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android 6

Application Category: GAME_STRATEGY


  • Features of the game Bloons TD Battles!

A Crisp Analysis of Bloons TD 6

Bloons Tower Defense 6 Mod Apk Download

If you are bored with humans, here is a nice game, whose heroes are monkeys. Also, if you like to play a tower defense game, this could be an interesting mate for you.

Bloons Tower Defense 6 Hacked Apk Download

Designed to deliver cartoonish graphics, you’ll enjoy the visuals as it is funny and in high-resolution.

Those having a low-end device can also play this wonderful game, as it has relatively low system requirements.

With some enjoyable music and audio, there is no reason you would want to mute them in the settings.

Simple, Classic and Straightforward Gameplay

Don’t expect Bloons TD 6 to be as fancy as its name. The gameplay is designed to give you a simple storyline.

Construct your buildings such as houses, huts, towers, etc… Defend them all with the help of the monkey army.

Yes, there are no humans, just monkeys, who will die to guard and protect your constructions. Hire and train more goons and assign them the duty to secure your creation.

Bloons Tower Defense 6 Free Download 25.1

Manage them as they pop every incoming baloons, some simple ones, while some in the shape of rockets.

Upgrade your team to make them stronger and less prone to getting injured. An efficient strategy is a key to success here.

Attractive Graphics with Nice color combinations

Bloons Tower Defense 6 Hacked Apk Download

Games featuring attractive colors are always adorable. Similarly, here you’ll witness bright colors throughout the gameplay.

It’s a little risky for your eyes if played for a long time continuously. Additionally, the designs of objects might not appeal to many players.

Along with that, the top view mode might reduce your interest too. Users might not be comfortable with it.

When it comes to animations, you’ll get to see beautiful and smooth animations with lots of balloons bursting and crazy fight scenario. The way your monkeys blast ‘em all till their last breath is engaging.

MOD APK Features

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk Download

If Bloons TD 6 MOD APK Android failed to impress you till now, take a look at some more extended features that it houses:

  • Get everything unlimited in-game by opting for Bloons TD 6 MOD APK unlimited everything hacked version.
  • If you want to skip spending money on in-app purchases, Bloons TD 6 MOD APK free shopping is here for the rescue.
  • Bloons TD 6 MOD APK all unlocked is for those who want to get everything unlocked right from the beginning.
  • NOT available for free
  • Family Friendly


Those users who want to stay safe from hacked versions, there are Bloons TD 6 MOD APK latest version and Bloons TD 6 APK latest version no MOD for you. It’s an engaging tower defense game that features monkeys as the fighting champs. See those little fellas work day and night for you in this epic battle to defend your construction from the incoming enemy balloon attacks. Bloons TD 6 is just a few taps away, so purchase now!

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