1. Not all Wii games are on the Wii U eShop so this tool allows any ripped Wii game to be injected into a Wii U VC title and be played without a disk / USB Loader. But as a bonus we can use the Wii U gamepad as a classic controller for games that support it: Smash Brawl / MKWii.
  2. With any Wii and some easy hacking, this now outdated Nintendo console can run emulators, play games from backups and become your central system for playing all your favorite Nintendo classics! Not to mention, you’ll be able to use services such as RiiConnect24 and Wiimfi, both of which replace previous online services for the Wii that are no.
  3. Games and other content downloaded from Nintendo eShop on Wii U can be saved directly to a USB storage device. In fact, when a USB device is connected, the system will automatically download to the USB device. You can organise data to transfer content between the Wii U system memory and external USB storage media.
  4. The 8 Best Nintendo Wii U Games. Oct 23, 2019 - 7 Recommendations. Read full reviews and shop for the best games for the Wii U, including Star Fox Zero, Mario Kart 8, Mario Party 10, Wii Sports Club and more.

If you never messed around with homebrew on the Wii, you missed out on one of the easiest, most capable soft-modding projects ever. In fact, the Wii is still the most easily modded homebrew and emulation console around. If you can find a used Wii online somewhere, they're still worth buying because of all the great user-made software.

The Wii U still has a ways to go before it catches up to its older brother in terms of modded utility, but it's made great advances lately. Getting homebrew up and running on your Wii U is useful for a number of purposes. You could dump and back up all of your eShop games, including your downloaded Wii games. You can also rip all of your old Gamecube games, store them on an SD card, and run them out of the Wii channel. Want to play your favorite DS games on the Wii U? Lucky for you the Wii U natively emulates DS games and, as long as you have backups of the games you own, you can run them using homebrew (with enhanced resolution, too).

For many of you, the most appealing application for homebrew will be the ability to patch or mod your Wii U games. There are several popular Smash Bros. mods out there, as well as fan patches for games like Xenoblade Chronicles X and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE that will allow you to play them in their original, 'unedited' glory. Just don't be a dumbass and try to play a modded game online. Also, moving forward, you take full responsibility for your actions and for any unintended consequences or unexpected results. With that disclaimer out of the way, here's what you need to do.

Upgrade to Wii U Firmware 5.5.1

Really depends on the price at the end of the day. With a fresh wii, you would still need to buy a DS game to make hacking easier every time. With a pre-hacked Wii U, it would only be justified with an already installed legit DS game or a much cheaper price.

This is the latest firmware version, so this shouldn't be a problem. Nintendo has given zero indication that it will upgrade firmware any time soon, so the following method should work until the next huge release - maybe Breath of the Wild.

Can I Download Bought Games To A Hacked Wii U Games

Grab yourself an SD card

Class 10 SD cards work best, and it will have to be formatted to FAT 32. Go ahead and pop that sucker in your Wii U.

Load up the browser and install your homebrew

You'll be navigating to the following address: http://loadiine.ovh/. Once there, you'll be presented with a drop-down list. You'll want to choose the second option, 'Homebrew AppStore Installer.' From there you'll be able to select the homebrew you want to install. I'm not going to tell you which programs I recommend because, sure enough, one of you will claim that we're responsible for you bricking your Wii U. Google is your friend here, and there are many reputable, thoroughly tested, and useful applications out there.

Your homebrew is now running out of the Mii Maker channel

You can exit your homebrew apps at any time by pressing the home button. When you want to load the homebrew launcher back up, simply navigate to the Mii Maker channel on the Wii U. Turning the Wii U off shuts down the launcher, and when you next boot up, you'll have to navigate to the homebrew URL listed above to start it up again. I'd bookmark that page in the Wii U browser for easy access.

Enjoy your brew

Enjoy! Whether you're looking to play region-locked titles from Japan, back up your digital collection of games, or break out Elite Beat Agents for another playthrough, there's something here for you. Have fun, and don't do anything dumb or illegal.

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Can i download bought games to a hacked wii u games@Matthewface

Contributing Writer

Are you bored playing the same games on your Nintendo Wii gaming console? And searching for where to download Nintendo Wii games free? If that is you then you are at the right spot. In 2021, Nintendo Wii is still a popular gaming console because of its unique experience that it provides to consumers. But playing the same games over and over can kill the excitement and you may no longer enjoy gaming.

Well, there is an official store for Nintendo Wii users where you can download free & paid games. But, most of the good games on the official store requires you to pay a decent amount. And that may not be affordable for most of the kids who play games on Nintendo Wii. Today, we have come up with a great solution that will allow you to download unlimited Nintendo Wii games free. You will be able to choose games from the list and download them right away at no cost. Now, let’s get started.


  • 1 Where to Download Nintendo Wii Games Free
  • 3 FAQs

Where to Download Nintendo Wii Games Free

Usually, we can download games for Nintendo Wii from its official game store. There you will find a few free games to play but they are not that enjoyable as other paid games. And paid games will cost you some money if you want to download them from the store. Well, as we have promised to help you download games for free, we are going to list free websites where you can download Nintendo Wii games.

These sites are as good as the official store and there you will find A-Z Nintendo Wii games with a complete overview & download link. Most importantly, they are authentic sources for downloading game ROMs. Here are the sites where you can download Nintendo Wii games free:

1. EmulatorGames

It is a free resource site for Nintendo Wii games where you can explore many different popular games on the platform and save them on your device. EmulatorGames provide games for the console as well as the Nintendo Wii emulator. So, in case if you want to play Nintendo games on your other device such as Mac, Windows, Android then you can easily import the same game ROM and play using the emulator. The ROMs that EmulatorGames provide are supported in the Wii console as well as the Dolphin emulator.

How to Download Nintendo Wii Games Free from EmulatorGames

  1. First, go to the Nintendo Wii page on EmulatorGames.
  2. Browse the game collection and then click on any game you want.
  3. Once you are redirected to that particular game page, click on the “Save Game” button.
  4. If you want to play the game on Emulator then download the supported emulator from the same page suggested.

Downloading games for Wii console on EmulatorGames is easy, by just following few steps above, you will be able to download your favorite title for free.

2. ROMS Games

ROMS Games has a huge collection of Wii console games that are available to download for free. It provides high-quality games for the Nintendo Wii console and emulator. All the games are categorized in an Alphabetic manner which helps easily find any game title within seconds. Currently, it has over 58 pages and every page contains 24 game titles. On calculation, ROMS Games has over 1300 high-quality games for the Nintendo Wii console.

How to Download Nintendo Wii Games Free from ROMS Games

  1. Visit the Nintendo Wii Games page on romsgames.net.
  2. Look for your favorite game title and then click on it.
  3. Once you are on that particular game page, click on Save Game.
  4. As soon as you click on that, the game file will start downloading.

The process to download games for Nintendo Wii from ROMS Games is very similar to EmulatorGames. Overall, it is a considerable website where you can download Nintendo Wii games free.

Can I Download Bought Games To A Hacked Wii U Game

3. ROMS Download

At ROMS Download, there is a huge collection of games specifically for the Wii console. And all the games are completely free to download. The site is trusted and you can safely download files without worrying about malware or virus. ROMS Download has a 58-page collection of Nintendo Wii games, listing 20 game titles along with some useful details related to the game on every page.

You can see details of games like Rating, Filesize, Total downloads, and Genre. You can know more details about every game by just clicking on the title. Also, it has a search tool that will help you find any game title quickly. As it has a huge collection of Wii games, the search tool is very helpful for finding any specific game title.

How to Download Nintendo Games Free from ROMS Download

  1. Go to the Nintendo Wii ROMS page on ROMSdownload.com.
  2. Click on the game title you want to download or search for a game using the search tool.
  3. Hit the download button on the next page.
  4. In a few seconds, the game will start downloading.

There is a good thing about romsdownload.com, you can fast download any game available for your Nintendo Wii. To fast download, when you are on the download page, click on more options and then select “Fast Download” instead of “Download Now”. This way, the game file will be served to you through a fast server and it will help you download large files quickly.

4. RomsMania

RomsMania is a rich resource website for downloading high-quality games for Nintendo Wii. The website is fully optimized to provide a fantastic user experience when someone visits to download game ROM files. On its specific Wii ROMs page, you will find all the games that are available for the console, and with a single click, you can download any of them. There is an advanced search tool that will help you easily find any game title. Using the search tool, you can type the name of the game, select genre, set location, and search. This will provide you a more accurate result when you search for any game title on RomsMania.

How to Download Nintendo Games Free from RomsMania

  1. Firstly, visit the Wii games page on RomsMania.
  2. Tap on any game from the list or use the search box to find games.
  3. Upon clicking on any title, you’ll be redirected to the game download page.
  4. Now, tap on the green download button to start downloading it.

5. GameWii

GameWii is a trusted website for downloading games for consoles like Nintendo Switch, Wii, etc. The site is totally dedicated to providing a fast download experience of Wii game files. At gamewii.net, you will find all the games that are published for the Wii console in the official app store. Also, there you will find some unique game titles that you won’t find on any other site. GameWii is highly recommended for downloading paid games for Nintendo Wii for free.

How to Download Nintendo Wii Games Free from GameWii

  1. Go to the GameWii website.
  2. Scroll down to Game console and then select Wii.
  3. Select the game you want to download and then tap on it.
  4. Click on the view download option to expose links. You will mainly find Google drive, Mega links.
  5. Select any suitable link to download the game.

Some games for Wii console on GameWii are password protected and the password will be listed beneath the download links so make sure you also save the password for reference.

6. RomsForever

It is one of the best sites to download ROMs for Nintendo gaming consoles. At RomsForever, you will find games for all different Nintendo models such as Wii, Wii U, Switch, etc. It has 47 pages in its Wii games category and every page contains 15 game titles. The overall site interface is very user friendly because there are only useful elements with big fonts & pictures. It makes navigation very smooth and users love it. There is also an advanced search tool that allows us to find any game title super quick. Using the tool, you can select the Genre, Location, and type Name. This tool gives more precise results compared to normal search tools.

How to Download Nintendo Wii Games Free from RomsForever

  1. Go to the Wii games category on RomsForever.
  2. Click on the game title you want to download.
  3. You can also use the advanced search tool to find a specific title.
  4. Once you are on the download page, click on the download button.
  5. The game will soon automatically start downloading.

7. Gamulator

Gamulator is one of the old sites that has been serving games to the users of the Nintendo Wii console. It has the latest to old games ROMs on its website and all of them are one-click to download. Currently, it has numerous games from different genres and it offers multiple options for downloading. You can either direct download game files or use the Download manager to download game ROMs faster.

How to Download Nintendo Wii Games Free from Gamulator

  1. Access the Gamulator Wii games page.
  2. Browse for your favorite game title.
  3. Click on a game title.
  4. Choose a suitable download option to start downloading.

8. Romsie

It is a simple to navigate website where you will find tons of games available for the Nintendo Wii game console. It has 1142 games available on the site that belong to different-different genres. Whether you want to download shooting or racing games, you will find them on Romsie. The site will give you the fastest download experience regardless of the download option you choose on the site. Even the largest game files are easy to download but we recommend using a Download manager. It will help you re-gain access to the expired download link and you will be able to continue the download if stopped in the midway.

How to Download Nintendo Wii Games Free from Romsie

  1. First, go to the Nintendo Wii games page on Romsie.
  2. Select any game and then click on the title.
  3. Scroll down a little and then click on the download button.
  4. Wait for a few seconds on the screen and you receive a download request.
  5. Done.
Can I Download Bought Games To A Hacked Wii U

So, these are the 8 best sites where you can download Nintendo Wii games for absolutely free. There are many sites available but we found only these helpful and so, we highly suggest to try them in the first place.

How to Install Downloaded Games to Nintendo Wii Console

Once you have downloaded all your favorite games from online sites for free, you will need to install them into your console so you can start playing. Usually, you can’t do that without installing Homebrew on your Wii console. In order to install that, you need a few files as well as an SD card (non SDHC) & a Memory card reader. Fortunately, we have found a video that has beautifully explained how to play downloaded games on Nintendo Wii.

This 12 Minutes video will precisely show you how you can MOD your Wii console and start playing downloaded or backup games. Make sure you check out the description of the video for different files link that needed.


Now, many of you may have some questions in your mind that you want to know the answer to. Here, we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to downloading Nintendo Wii games free. If your own question doesn’t get answered, you can drop that in the comments below.

Can you download Nintendo Wii games?

Yes, there are multiple ways you can download Nintendo Wii games. The official method to download games is by using the Wii Shop. It is an official platform where you can install paid & free games available for the console. Alternatively, you can use third-party websites that are available on the web to download Wii games.

Where can I download free Wii games?

To download free Wii games, you can use free Wii ROMs sites like EmulatorGames, ROMS Games, RomsMania, GameWii, RomsForever, Romsie, etc. These are popular & trusted free sites where you can download Wii games. Most of the games on these platforms are available in high-quality, you can also use these sites to download paid Wii games for absolutely free.

Are Wii games discontinued?

Can I Download Bought Games To A Hacked Wii U Qr Code

Yes, there will be no more new game releases in the future for the Nintendo Wii console. The development for the console has been stopped in January 2019. But, there are more than enough game titles that have been published already for the console. Approximately, there are more than 1100 games published that belong to different-different genres. Finishing all of them can take years for any kid. Hence, Nintendo Wii is rich in terms of the availability of games, you can play all the popular game titles on the console for sure.


The Wii Shop is filled with free & paid games, most of the good games are available to download but require decent money. If you don’t have the money to pay for good games for Wii then you can use third-party websites and download Wii games for free. We have shown you the top 8 best Wii ISO downloading sites, all of them are trusted and millions of users already use these sites to download & play popular game titles.

Can I Download Bought Games To A Hacked Wii U Download

But if you want to play downloaded games on Wii, you will have to MOD your console by installing Homebrew. It is pretty much safe but there is always a risk in modifying the console and so, make sure you follow the video we have referenced above.

So, that’s it. If you have any further question then you can ask us through the comments below, we will help you figure it out and suggest a quick fix so you can continue to enjoy games on your Wii console.

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