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The Critical Ops was developed by Critical Force Entertainment and function as the series by Critical Strike Portable, that released on 14th August 2015 on Facebook browser version. Later it was moved to a Facebook game room on 30th August 2015. It was released on google play on September 30, 2015. On May 2, 2016, it published on the app store for the selected countries and supports windows, android, iOS.


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Critical ops is a first person shooter arcade game for android which you have to play with country strike. You can get one life in the disorder mode that is the heart of the game that before team match was released. You can spend money to buy weapons having to regret your arms and other equipment if you die. the game also supports multiplayer if you would like to play with a friend. but we are warning you…this game is super addictive, in our opinion it is one of the best free android games in the google play store

You and your team mates tried to kill all the plant bomb or counter terrorist, otherwise the counter terrorist trying to wipe out all the terrorist to defuse the bomb. In sub-2-min rounds are first to wins. The game is severity because one mistake will cost you and your team and the C4 that you have planted as the terrorist can be used against you. If they are not careful, it can be dropped and used to trap the counter.

The coolest thing about the critical ops is which you can play it with other Android players, players on facebook and iOS too. You can see play it whenever you so wish to play. You can filter out it from the cross-platform games.

Game modes

Csr Racing Hack Tool Download No Survey 2015 Ultimate Free

Unlike in call of duty…in critical ops players are given to two game modes to play on, Defuse mod and Death match mod. Defuse is a scenario where the terrorist tries to plant the C4. On the other side, the counter terrorist is assigned to stop it. The game should end once if all enemy players eliminated. In Deathmatch the teams are assigned to furnish to their total count of kill and raise the score higher than the enemy till the time runs out.



The weapons and upgrades available in critical ops are melee, pistols, assault rifles, shot guns, sniper rifles, submachine guns,RPGs, gear, C4, kevlar and helmet which can be used by the players as per their need.


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Hack in Critical Ops

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