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Me and my friend used to do this back when we didn't have any internet connection to download hacks :P
You need to have a character with the gold/item you want to dupe.
1. Go to your diablo 2 folder and the saved games directory
2. Copy the file with your character name
3. Paste it anywhere
4. Start up diablo 2 and start a server, your friend joins
5. You trade him the gold/item you want to dupe, he save & exits
6. You save & exit
7. You copy the file you pasted before and overwrite the file in the saved games directory
8. Now when you log in again you still have the item and your friend still has it.
May not be much, I'm pretty much a total noob on d2 :P
Thanks for reading & bye

Diablo Dupe 7,231 views. Diablo 2 Holy Grail Sorc GG FIND #57 Duration: 6:21. MrLlamaSC 32,581 views. How to Dupe in Diablo 1. First you got to choose the item you want to dupe! Then you make sure you have a potion or scroll on your belt but (make sure not to put a good scroll or an elixer, 3. Then you set the item that’s going to be. Download the Diablo 3 hack to get up to 10k Gold in your account with one click. Now extract the hack and save it on your desktop or Flash Drive. You need to open it and let it load. Should only take a few seconds. Enter your username and pass, click the recommended settings to bypass the Diablo 3 servers as anonymous, and then click.

Diablo III Hack 2.4.0

Diablo III Hack 2.4.0
Here you can find and download Diablo III Hack 2.4.0. Diablo III Hack 2.4.0is cheat tool for Diablo 3 version 2.4.0. With this Diablo 3 Hack you can add unlimited gold and exp. As you can see, our diablo 3 hack is very easy to use and user friendly. You don’t need to know anything about hacking and

coding, because this Diablo III Hack 2.4.0 will do all that for you. All you need to do is enter your username and select the game server and class. When you click on 'Connect' button, if the entered account exist this diablo 3 hack will be connected with the game. Then you can add desired amount of gold and exp..
Diablo III Hack 2.4.0 is very safe use.
Features of Diablo III Hack 2.4.0
Unlimited EXP

Unpack the program the Diablo III Hack 2.4.0
Select your Class and Server
Add amount of Gold
Click on 'Hack' button and wait few moments
(if you have problem click update button and instal update)
enjoy :D

Diablo 3 Dupe Hack Download

Video Tutorial For Diablo III Hack 2.4.0:


Diablo 3 Dupe Glitch

Diablo 3 Dupe Hack Download Free


Diablo 3 Dupe Hack Download Windows 10

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