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Download DirecTV APK for Androidlatest version using the APK file on this page. We have shared the direct links to download DirecTV App which is free of malware and viruses. The Direct TV is an entertainment app to have unlimited fun by watching favorite programs on your smartphone. If you download DirecTV Android then there is no chance of missing any TV program. DirecTV is a perfect home entertainment technology for all the Android users. With this app, you can watch Live TV channels and programs anytime and anywhere. Read this article completely to check How to download DirecTV APK and How to use DirecTV App. Moreover, you can also find the solutions for DirecTV Online streaming errors in the below sections of this article.

Know more About DirecTV App

Directv Access Card Hack

DirecTV APK v5.12.003

The DirecTV App Android is compatible with Tablets, smartphones, Amazon Fire TV Edition, Amazon Fire TV media player, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Roku etc. You can Download DirecTV APK all the Android versions 4.4+. Even if you are busy, there is no chance of missing your favorite TV programs with Direct TV App. You can watch or stream or record programs Online without spending a single penny. There is a DirecTV mobile application for the Android users so that you can have a good TV experience whenever you want.

Using the mobile app you can record the programs by setting the DVR remotely with a mobile phone. So, don’t waste your valuable internet to stream online program, just Install DirecTV APK and record TV programs whenever you want. Not only the Live TV programs you can also access DirecTV On Demand Programs on a mobile device. To use this app efficiently you need to check out the DirecTV app features below.

Directv Streaming App – Features

  • Record and Stream live shows.
  • Free of cost.
  • Directv App brings you thousands of shows and movies which including new releases.
  • You can also watch premium channels such as Cinemax, Showtime, HBO etc.
  • Works on both Android Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Live TV Streaming on Tablets and Mobiles.
  • Directv app chromecast works excellent on Android
  • Enjoy playlist by downloading DVR.
  • 72 Hours Rewind option to watch shows that are broadcasted in last 3 days.
  • Save your data.
  • Remote control to rewind, pause, fast forward recorded shows etc.
  • Restart button is available to start the program.
  • Smart search by the director, actor, title etc.
  • Access crew info and a full cast.
  • No issues regarding Directv app not working on android.
  • Parental controls to block channels, hide adult content, set rating limits.
  • Screen Switch to instantly move the show from mobile device to TV.
  • DVR Scheduler to use the mobile device to schedule a record.
  • No additional equipment required to install.
  • Directv for tablets Apk is also available.
  • The record shows for free.
  • 20. 000 + movies are available.
  • Option to pause, play and rewind the program while playing the video.
  • Voice search just by speaking the name of the video properly.

If you want to Install Free Directv app for laptop, Read Directv App for PC Windows

How to Install DirecTV APK for Android?

  1. In order to download DirecTV Apk on your android device. First of all, open your android device and go to settings, here you can see the Security and Enable unknown sources as shown.
  2. And then click on the direct link to download Directv App for android phone for free. Wait for some time till the APK file is completely downloaded. Then, locate the file and tap on it.
  3. Now, the installation starts. It takes some time to complete the installation process. After successful installation, you will find a DirecTV icon on the Home screen of your Android device.
  4. Finally, you can tap the icon to use the app.

If you exactly follow the above steps, you can download DirecTV App on Android device. Then, if you dont know how to use DirecTV app have a look at the following instructions to watch Live TV. Also, check the following requirements before you start streaming the TV programs on DirecTV App.

Requirements to Stream DirecTV App

  • Android Device Device above 4.2/Tablet.
  • Good WiFi Connection.


Even the New DirecTV subscribers can watch TV programs even before your services are installed.

How to Use DirecTV App?

  1. Make sure that the Directv Apk downloaded on your Android device from the direct link we provide direct link to download here. Check the Home WiFi Network connection.
  2. Then, tap on the DirecTV app icon to open the App. Tap on the Main Menu. (You will find the 3 horizontal lines at the top, just tap on it). At the bottom of the Menu, you will find the Receiver.
  3. In case, if you see “No Receiver” and finally Tap on it. Simply follow the instructions and link your smartphone/Tablet to the HD DVR which is connected to your Home Network.
  4. If you are watching the DirecTV on mobile, Select Go to Main Menu—> Guide—-> Select On Phone to start watching.
  5. Otherwise, if you open DirecTV app on a tablet, Go to Home screen of the DirecTV app and tap on any one of the programs in the Live TV Streaming to start watching.

All the above steps are common to access the Direc TV App on Apple iSO 8.0+ and Android 4.2+.

How to Watch DirecTV Before Installation?

  1. To watch the programs on DirecTV before installation go to Account and Services and Click on Login and Choose My DirecTV.
  2. Tap on Start Watching Now, then the video will be loaded and click on Watch Online.
  3. Then, find the title you want to watch and Select the title watch then Select title and then Follow the prompts to start watching. Then, you can watch Directv on android.

How to Stream Movies/Shows On DirecTV App?

  1. First of all, set your HD DVR to record the shows or movies.
  2. Launch the DirecTV app on your Mobile device or else Access online Watch portal. Then, Go to Playlist.
  3. Choose some movie or Live show which you want to record.
  4. Then, you can start watching and enjoy it.

How to Download & Watch Recorded Shows on DirecTV?

  1. In the first step of the download process, Open the DirecTV app on Mobile Device. Tap on Watch on Mobile/Tablet.
  2. On the top right, Tap on Watch your DVR then click On DVR. Now, the DVR Playlist loads. Pick any full recorded Movie or show. Select the “Download” to start the content transfer to your device.
  3. The download time depends on the length of the show. If the download status bar changes to the Play button, it indicates that the download is complete.
  4. Finally, if you are ready to watch the downloaded show or movie, Tap on “My downloads”—-> Select Show you want to watch.

If you download the shows from DirecTV you can watch it without the WiFi connection. Make sure that your show has finished recording. Then, Follow the above steps carefully.

Also, Check download Directv App iOS


To increase the Download time you have to enable the Automatic Sync from the Series page of the Program—> Set it to Auto-Download Series.

DirecTV TrobleShoot – Common Online Streaming Errors

While streaming the shows or Movies on DirecTV app, you will encounter some error messages. So, we have given some of the error messages along with the tips to clear them.

  • Video Streaming is Temporarily Unavailable. Please Try Again!!

There are several causes for this error. So, you can try to stream the movies or shows you want to watch later.

  • You have reached the Maximum number of devices allowed for concurrent streaming. To watch on your current Device, one of the other devices have to stop streaming.

This kind of error appears when you try to attempt more than 2 concurrent streams. In that situation, only two concurrent streams are permitted per DirecTV accounts. So, in order to fix such error, stop streaming on Device.

  • Your Subscription does not include this channel. Please upgrade your package or Add Premium programming.

The above message appears when a title is selected which requires a subscription to a premium network or TV package. For example, if you want to watch the any Show Online on a particular channel. You need to activate the channel in your programming package. Moreover, you can also upgrade your package from mobile device or computer.

  • We are Sorry this video is no longer Available

If will see this message because the Show or the movie in your playlist or Queue is no longer available on this app. So, try choosing the other title.

Direct Tv Hack Download

This is all about Directv App Apk and its installation process. Hope this will be very helpful for you. Follow each and every instruction on this page to download and Stream movies and Shows. In case, if you face any problems or errors like DirecTV app for android not working while installing, feel free to place a comment in the Comment box. So that we will try to help you out as soon as possible


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