ROMhacks are hacked/modded versions of old games. Some games get minor tweaks such as retranslations or simple gameplay improvements, others get complete overhauls making them almost indistinguishable from the original game. Share this:FacebookTwitterReddit. EarthBound is a role-playing video game released in Japan as Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushu(lit. 'Mother 2: Gyiyg's Counterattack'), It is also known as EarthBound in the United States, as the second game in the Mother series. EarthBound is a sequel to the original Mother, a NES title released only in Japan. The game was never released in Europe. In Halloween times, there's nothing better than upload a related video. This time is for an EarthBound romhack called 'Hallow's End', made by H.S. Hack: A whole new game based on EarthBound. Technical Patch: Shows off a cool new technical achievement. Patch: Still the same base game, but changes for example the Dialouge or Character sprites, etc. Improvement Patch: aims to improve the base game. Challenge: aims to challenge the player; includes randomizers, hard modes, etc. Download Pre-patched - 2.24 MB Download Patch - 2.15 MB: This hack's goal was to make Earthbound as close to Mother 2 as possible. It takes care of most of the uncensoring that North America made during the localization of Mother 2. Mainly, this hacks aims to create the best experience possible of Mother 2/Earthbound by combining an uncensored.

EightBound is a Final Fantasy experience, roughly a year and a half in the making.

With this patch, Polinym and Mareeta have transformed EarthBound into a brand new Final Fantasy game, celebrating the first nine games of the series. All nine games receive equal representation through content in the game, including less popular titles like II and III.

All menus, text, commands, items, enemies, and magic have been converted into Final Fantasy terms. The battle system was also adjusted to make battle more frantic, fast-paced, and exciting. Instead of mashing the A-Button through several sentences, the messages now get right to the point and fly by before the player’s eyes.

The entire story of the game has been rewritten as a comedic parody of both EarthBound AND Final Fantasy. The story is based around Final Fantasy VIII. Squall and his friends must grow their power to stop Ultimecia, the terror of the time-space continuum. Along the way, they meet many familiar faces from across the Final Fantasy series.

In EightBound, many of the frustrating and poorly balanced segments of EarthBound have been revised, rebalanced, and made more fun. Grinding is no longer required at all, except at the end of the game to deal with the abundant post-game content.

At the same time, EightBound was also made MUCH more difficult compared to EarthBound. Bosses will take serious time and effort to defeat, and there many, MANY more bosses the overcome. Strategic thinking and thorough knowledge of the battle system are required to win the more difficult fights. This difficulty is not just increased stats, but each and every boss was carefully designed to be unique with specific strengths and weakness which the player must learn. So many bosses were added, in fact, that the game also features a new BOSS RUSH mode, with three paths of difficulty. In Boss Rush, players must use their end-game power to overcome a series of boss fights in a row.


Like any good Final Fantasy game, EightBound features its unique “gimmick” to the fighting system. Players can make use of “Spell-Casting Items”, which grant players new moves when used in battle. These Spell-Casting Items, like the Judgement Staff, Sylph Magicite, Nepto Scale, and more, can be arranged on party members as the player chooses.

Players will laugh, players will cry. Players will throw their controller at the screen in frustration. Anyone can get into playing EightBound, but only true masters will be able to make it out alive. EightBound truly has something for everyone.

Revision 1.1: Fixed game-breaking bugs. Game is now playable past Irvine/Selphie section.

Revision 1.2: Fixed yet another game-breaking bug. Completing the game 100% is now fully possible. Also, Culex is here now.

Revision 1.3: Added tons of new stuff like item icons, modified some enemies, enhanced some battle moves (e.g. Meteo Sword now strikes 5 times instead of 2-3), two new bosses added, fixed a ton of issues with flags/boss spawning, and so forth.

PS: Use rom expand to 6MB (48MB) before you patch the rom. Use CoilSnake 3.33.

This is the town of Threex where you will spend a lot of time in the beginning of the game. A lot of places won't be accessible in the beginning. Don't get too frustrated because there has got to be a flag somewhere--you just haven't triggered it yet. Pay attention to what people say (especially people who might be blocking your way), for they might tell you what you need to do next. Keep yourself high on healing items and sell what you don't need.

The story line in this game is very intense. Some of our editors are saying that the story line is better than FF3's. While I don't know about that, I'll tell you this: The story line is going to make you want to play the game until you beat it. This is yet another RPG that is going to keep you up late on weeknights and all weekend long. This game was originally called Mother 2 in Japan and was a hit over there. The people at Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of America got together on the translation of this game to make it based more toward our culture. The effort is very evident in the game play.

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Who would ever have thought you'd read something like that while playing your Super NES. For that matter, who would have thought you'd see blood from Nintendo. This game is full of sick little human expulsions like that. There are all kinds of disgusting sound effects and such. One of the Bosses belches crud at you and does some hellacious damage. Very unlike Nintendo.

The humor in this game is unexpected, but clearly evident. The game is actually fun to sit down and play because not only do you get hours of fun from playing it, but you also laugh a lot (a nice surprise). This game has been coming for a long time now. You can tell they really put their all into the game. This may be a Japanese game originally, but you can't tell by playing it.


When I first got a look at this game, I laughed out loud. It looked like it could have been done on a Nintendo, and that was all the thought I gave it. It wasn't until I sat down and gave the game more than a onceover that I realized this was no NES game.


The story line is definitely what makes this one a winner. This game wouldn't be nearly as good without it.


Graphic intensity! The graphics are nothing to get excited about, and I think that could hurt this game. People might look at the back of the box and then put it down, not giving it a fair chance.


I think so. This is a game that most people young and old (not too old) can enjoy. This definitely isn't just a kiddie game. If you play this game for more than an hour, you'll most likely be hooked, which is a rarity with games nowadays.

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Overall rating: 6.5
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