Connect NTFS hard drive to PS3. To transfer files off an NTFS formatted USB HDD, here are the steps: Connect your USB HDD to your PC, Go to Device manager, Click on Disk drives, Right click on your external HDD and go to properties. Click the 'Details' button. From here you have to choose 'PARENT' to get it's Vendor id and Device id.

PSJailbreak - first , original but is it the best?

The most popular PlayStation 3 Mod Chip (PS3 Chip) on the market is the PSJailbreak. It is named so after the widely popular iPhone hacking solutions. After long 3 years of waiting PS3 Jailbreak was the first mod solution that enabled running unlicensed programs on PS3. And as soon as these 3rd party programs were enabled a backup manager for copying PS3 games to HDD was made. PS3 Backup Manager can be used to backup games and to make PS3 think that the backup from a HDD is actually a BlueRay disc (so it appears in the menu just like if a game disc was inserted).

Not long after PSJailbreak was released copied versions / clones of the PS3 Jailbreak started showing up. Some are just direct copies of the PSJailbreak and some add new features or come with new tools that have been developed based on the original teams work.PS3 Break seems to be the most promising with the USB Firmware Update option from any PC it could withstand future PS3-Firmware updates from Sony by updating the Chips kernel. Also Open Source solutions like PSFreedom for iPhone, Android and Nokia and PSGroove have been released, but they require more technical knowledge and equipment from the users - so open source softmod solutions at this point are only for advanced users and PS3 homebrew developers / programmers.

USB Jailbreak at Lightake - PS3 Break Upgrade Driver V1.0 WAS $35.99 NOW $33.15 (8% discount)

  1. After the above steps are completed, connected to the mobile hard disk, you should be able to play the game directly. So that you and your friends can share each other’s games freely.Rumor said that the PS4 can’t get access of the Internet after hacking, the truth is the PS4 MTX KEY chips is been remove.
  2. The CFW makes it all region free. You can rip your PS3, PS2, PS1 games to run from USB or internal hard drive. Still awaiting feedback on the ability to go online or not, that will go in the OP when we have it.

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PS3key uses the same backup manager and does the same jailbreaking other USB PS3 Chips do but as a big plus you have the support from the WiiKey team that has been around for a long time and knows what they are doing. Just take a look at their PS3Key Firmware Updating software and you will see what I am talking about.

PS3break low cost PS Jailbreak Alternative!

The PS3 Break USB PlayStation 3 JailBreaking Chip is a small USB device shaped as a regular USB thumb drive memory card, but despite its simple appearance it houses inside a complicated USB Hub emulator chip with some clever programming that allows your PS3 go into debug mode and so run 3rd party - Sony unsigned code on your PS3. This in turn lets you play homebrew games and applications, as well as Make & Play game backups from the internal or external USB hard drive!

Its the best PS JailBreak solution on the market with upgradable firmware to get around future Sony firmware updates, improved Game reading speeds from HDD, PS3 Backup Manager for creating backups of BlueRay Discs and loading / playing games from the HDD, Plug-and-play support - no installation or soldering necessary. And best of all it does NOT cost you $130 USD like the PSJailbreak - You can get it for a very reasonable Price of: $44.95 - PS3 Break

Getting to Know the PS3 Jailbreak Homebrew and the USB HDD

PS3 Chips • PS3 Jailbreak Mod Chip • PS3Key Backup Manager

OK, a quick recap on what the PS3 Jailbreak can do for your console.

  • First, it will give you the ability to make legal backups of original PS3 games and store them into the hard drive or any external USB storage device available, including flash drives and USB hard drives.
    - Use PS3 Backup Manger for making and playing PS3 ISO game copies
  • Second, it can let you run 3rd party homebrew applications.
    - PS3 FTP Server - with full read and write access to the PS3 hard drive so you can get the copied games from PS3 to PC, and you also get full access to 2 of the flashes (dev_flash2 and dev_flash3).
    If that is not enough PS3 FTP Server allows users read access to dev_flash where the firmware is held!
    - Run DC Game isos with nullDS SEGA Dreamcast emulator
    -Play PS2 isos with pcsx2 a PlayStation 2 emulator.
    - Many more PlayStation 3 emulators for playing Nintendo SNES, NES, N64 and GameCube games on PS3 as well as SEGA Genesis, MAME, Game Boy, GBA, DS, and even Sony PSP game emulators for PS 3 are being worked on and should see the light of day soon.
  • Third, it let's you use as many applications as you want and all these can run in your PS3 console without any problem.

In fact, the possibilities are endless and it all boils down to how well we develop the PS3 homebrew community. You see, homebrew can really make a big difference. If you recall, the Xbox is still being used today as media centers thanks to the help of homebrew, particularly, XBMC. Now that PS3 is turning into an open platform with the help of the PS3 Jailbreak, you can expect that numerous talented programmers will take advantage of this and make handy and useful applications for PS3 users. If you are an avid fan of the PS3, you can get the most out of your console with the PS Jailbreak.

PS3Key PS3 ModChip

PS3Key is a USB drive based PS3 Chip that comes from the same team that produced WiiKey and Wii DriveKey mod chips and software.

Open Source PSJailbreak Alternatives?
If you are an advanced user or a programmer you can use PSFReedon or PSGroove open source PS3 mods for free, but you do require a programmable USB controller chip and a way to write code to it, or a rooted Android, N900 or iPhone that you are not afraid to reflash.

  • x3 Jailbreak
    x3Jailbreak is offers as a cheap alternative for PSJailbreak that costs more than $130 USD. x3 Does the same job but for far less.

    PlayStation 3 HDD - play ISO games on PS3 from external USB HDD without a softmod. Compatible Jailbreak USBkey is required.

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 HDD
    upgrades and modchips.

    PS2 modifications. and PS2 Emulator.


Download Gamestop The Hard Drive Ps3 Slim Hacked Free

1. Download PS3-FTP-Server.pkg (Google it) and install onto your PS3
2. Download and install FileZilla FTP (or your favorite FTP program) onto your PC.
3. Follow the READ ME instruction file for PS3-FTP-Server for configuring the IP, port, and login credential.
(Note: For FileZilla, I did not need to change any settings, I just entered IP, port, username, any password, and hit simply hit connect.)
4. Once connected, you will see the directory structures of the PS3. Simply go to: /dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345/GAMEZ IF YOR FILEMANAGER IS GIA AND IF ITS NOT THEN COPY TO :/dev_hdd0/game/GAMES/
(Note: '/dev_hdd0 is the hard drive', 'LAUN12345' is the Backup Manager program, and 'GAMEZ' is where your downloaded games go into, yeah with a 'Z' not 'S'.)
(Note: Games that you download from the Internet may not have the correct Title ID. You can use PS3SFOEdit to open the PARAM.SFO found in the folder of your downloaded PS3 games. This will reveal the Title ID of the game.
Or do a Google Search for the game's SAVE DATA and the SAVE DATA folder name is usually the Title ID of the game, too.)
5. Use the left side of the FileZilla program to drag and drop your downloaded PS3 game to the right side, into the /dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345/GAMEZ directory.
6. Wait until the transfer is done. May take hours but will be worth it.
7. You may need to change the Permission of the folder belonging to the PS3 game that you just transferred over. To do so, right-click on the the folder that you just uploaded, choose 'File Permissions' and change the 'numeric value' to either 700 or 707. I think you ONLY need to do it for the main folder.
(Note: You can also use the steps above to transfer games from your PS3 hard drive to your PC)
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