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So download and try these hacking apps for Android, and also keep in mind that your device must be rooted in order to get the full potential of these apps. Here first am going to list Android hacking apps that are available in Playstore and then tools from an external source. I started writing a implementation for the Japhar JVM back in March 1998. With that tiny base, a group of Java aficionados on the net has gone on to create a reasonably functional replacement for Sun's Java libraries called Classpath. Visit that home page for software downloads, including both tarballs and CVS.

Blooover is a proof-of-concept tool that is intended to run on J2ME-enabled cell phones that appear to be comparably seamless. Blooover is a tool that is intended to serve as an audit tool that people can use to check whether their phones and phones of friends and employees are vulnerable.

Download Java Bluetooth Hacking Software Free

Since the application runs on handheld devices and sucks information, it has been called Blooover (derived from Bluetooth Hoover).

Compatible Phones
runs on phones with MIDP 2.0 and JSR-82 (Bluetooth API)

Blooover bluetooth hacking

Download Java Bluetooth Hacking Software Pc

On software alone, Linux comes out way ahead, especially if you are a command-line kind of hacker, but the driver support is an issue. This is that phenomena where you buy the HP or Dell laptop with Windows pre-installed, and then wipe it to install Linux - only to find that the Linux drivers for interacting with the hardware are somewhat generic.

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