Speed Gear is a fantastic speed hack software to change game speed. It can hack the speed of all kinds of games. Speed Gear is very easy-to-use, you can press an easily accessible hotkey to speed game up, slow game down or adjust game to the speed you feel most comfortable with. Speed Gear will give you brand new experience while playing games.

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Krunker.Io Message Mod

You may noticed that people send same messages in game chat all the time but there is a small trick – they don’t type it all the time – they …

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Brutal.io Zoom Hack

Brutal.io is a cute multiplayer game. Now you can enjoy the zoom hack as well as other cheats. Simply click the install button below and enjoy it. * Zoom hack …

About Io Mods

With the growing popularity of io games, there is a big demand on mods and hacks for them, so the users can enjoy additional abilities and make their gaming experience better. Everyone knows that cheating in multiplayer games is bad and not acceptable by most people, but what about installing a useful mod that will make your gaming controls more suitable or gameplay more easy?

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Our website IoMods.Co is dedicated to those mods and hacks for the most popular io games which is available today on the internet. There is a simple instruction how to install those mods and the most important thing is that it’s absolutely free. You just have to click the install button to get new abilities in the game.

Our database of io mods is growing every day. If you are the developer or just want to upload your mod at our website, use the contact form to get in touch with the administration. Hope you will appreciate our work and enjoy the awesome mods.

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User Opinions:

I passed by this program dozens of times so the other day just out of boredom I had a look at it. WOW!! My 433 mhz processor is behaving like an 800 mhz and I feel like I've bought a new computer. Don't be fooled by the simple interface -this is REALLY POWERFUL STUFF. Gains are as great as overclocking but without the risk. Windows open automatically, games play fast and I can do things on my computer like have transparency without losing too much power. When you buy this you have to send in your machine code to get it registered as well as pay. The guy who made this knows it's worth.

'Super Fast'
Every so often the program will lock up my computer system (once a day maybe); but the speed increase in Windows more than makes up for its instability. Throttle it to the fastest speed setting and stop waiting for Windows to catch up. I paid for version 3.0 (used 3.0 for months) and got the new 5.0 version for free from the company. Worth every penny.

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