Hack and Heal v1.19

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5 Hacker&Healers.
4 Bosses.
Hordes of monsters.
1 Castle.
Can you survive?

10 March, 2018



52 x 84

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Not yet tested with Warcraft 3: Reforged.

Map versions
In total 4 map versions for Hack and Heal

latest version (0.00)
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Hack and Heal v.1.18 (0.00)
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Hack and Heal v.1.15 (0.00)
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Hack and Heal v.1.12 Map
You hack and heal with a group of 5 hackers versus lots of enemy waves. Expect lots of extras!
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'Hack and Heal v1.19'

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I have disabled camera distance and red invisible units temporarly, should be back soon. Smooth Camera is still there though and should do the job. If there is a crash, report the faulty feature or crash log.

Old thread for dropbnet instructions, etc.
[1.24c] TyranO's D3Scene Maphack

- Save features in config.ini (customizable all features)
- Grab your Cd-Keys
- Reveal units
- See Undead blight
- Build on unexplored ground

- Reveal units on minimap
- Remove fog
- Remove fog on minimap
- Clickable units
- See ressources
- See invisible
- Bypass -ah feature in DotA (Sd333221)Download tyrano map hacks
- Show illusions (Sd333221)
- Show enemy pings (Sd333221)
- Clickable invisible units (Sd333221)
- See cooldowns (Sd333221)
- See skills (Sd333221)
- Show invisible units as red (Sd333221)
- Show hero icons ally/enemy/all (Sd333221)
- Enable trade ressources in DotA (Sd333221)
- Show hero icons ally/enemy/all (Sd333221)
- Enable trade ressources in DotA (Sd333221)
- Working Hotkeys (F4,F5 for on/off and NUM+, NUM- for zoom out/in)
- Namespoofer with colors
- Camera Distance Hack (customizable distance)

Download Tyrano Map Hacks

- Custom trade amounts
- Minimize to tray button
- Show all HP bars (For the HP bars features, you have to have the option always show healthbars in warcraft III DISABLED)
- Show only enemy HP bars (Darimus)
- Show only ally HP bars (Darimus)

Download Tyrano Map Hacking

- Top view feature (removes the angle so you look over everything at 180 degrees)
- Remove zoom angles (removes the deviation when zooming)
- 90 degree spin (spins camera by 90 degrees)
- Smooth Camera (Max Camera distance that doesn't lock the zoom)
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TyranO's D3Scene Maphack
Thanks to:

Download Tyrano Map Hacked

Darimus, SD333221, and the rest.
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Download Tyrano Map Hacker

and d3scene.
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