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Please use the Hacking-Lab LiveCD Kali Linux with Hacking-Lab extensions
  • Learn how you can set up your own 'ethical' hacking lab using VirtualBox. This video does not cover hacking tutorials. It only shows you the first steps to g.
  • Download the courseware and a preconfigured pentesting machine. The Virtual Hacking Labs are for beginners and experts who want to learn and practice penetration testing in an easy accessible virtual lab environment. For anyone that is new to the subject of penetration testing we provide a tailored courseware manual that.
for your Hacking-Lab cyber security training, security challenges or CTF play. Download and import the provided OVA into VirtualBox and start your career in cyber security.


Ethical Hacking Virtual Lab Download

The Virtual Hacking Labs is a full penetration testing lab that is designed to learn the practical side of vulnerability assessments and penetration testing in a safe environment. We provide an online lab environment where beginners can make their first step into penetration testing and more experienced professionals can sharpen their.

The LiveCD has been successfully tested with VirtualBox (and Vmware) on the following platforms.


ReleasePrimary DownloadMirror Download
Nightly BuildHacking-Lab
Directory BrowsingHacking-Lab

Installation Guides

Please find several installation guides in English, German, French on GitHub

Virtual Hacking Labs Pdf Download

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