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unlimited blood, unlimited magic, unlimited power
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Epic War 5 Hacked Download
Epic War 5 is the absorbing hacked game, which will be interesting for any players, especially for adult audience. The special feature of this part are three heroes, each with their own unique history, as well as many new enemies, combat skills and lotions. You are waiting for a long and dangerous journey in Hellsgeyt, whose aim is to prevent the opening of the portal to the world of the devil! Most importantly, you should remember that you should not give your hero die.
At first you may choose the complexity of the level. You will get all necessary instructions. You may use your mouse and keyboard for the fighting and moving. Unblocked
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Cheats: money, exp, player health, castle health, player speed, player damage
Cheats: full godmode, all epic heroes are unlocked.
Cheats: Hackmenu (Backslash() Open/Close): 1 fuel - 2 boost - 3 ammo
Cheats: Purchases add cash, unlimited population and towers, very fast XP gain, purchases add more XP
Cheats: Levels unlocked. Unrivaled heroes, unlimited $, full blood

Epic War 3 Hacked

Cheats: More experience and money for each Pokemon you defeat - Pokemon's are easier to capture - Your Pokemon's are tagged with the hacked tag.
Cheats: Pokemon gain more Experience per Pokemon defeated. - Earn more money with Pokemon defeated - HP bar turns red in one hit - Buying gives you money.

Epic War 6 Hacked

Cheats: Unlimited Money and Energy

Epic War 5 Hacked Downloads

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