WiFi is the abbreviation for Wireless Fidelity, and it becomes increasingly popular in the modern-day. The reason behind the rising and sudden popularity of the WiFi makes the internet usage quite inexpensive with making the setup quite easier. Majority of the electronic devices such as Laptops, PCs, Tablets, and smartphones could be easily connected to the WiFi. Devices with the built-in wireless network also make it unique and easier to use the internet efficiently.

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Nowadays, most people rely upon WiFi due to the various benefits that it offers so that it would be easier to access the internet more efficiently. WiFi networks help to easily access the internet much faster rate with secure conventional broadband connections. In fact, it is also quite essential to acquire a WiFi connection with internet access due to the nature of the job. The popularization of the WiFi networks efficiently helps to access the internet freely and quickly even in the entire building.

Enjoying free internet connectivity is the dream for everyone. Nowadays, we could not do anything without an internet connection. However, the possibility of losing the internet connection is too high, and many people face this problem. WiFi could be beneficial. Yet, it has password restriction so it cannot be used anywhere. To use the wireless connection at the hot spot and retrieve the password, you can follow the steps below to hack WiFi passwords using your iOS device without Jailbreak. But we will give you an idea about jailbreaking device so that you can understand whether you hold a jailbroken devices or not.


  • 2 8 Applications to Hack WiFi Password on iOS
    • 2.1 WiFiAuditPro:
    • 2.2 Instabridge:
    • 2.4 iWep Pro:
    • 2.5 Aircrack
    • 2.6 WLAN audit:
    • 2.9 Tips or Preventive Steps to Stop Hacking WiFi on your iPhone

What is the iPhone (iOS) Jailbreaking?

iPhone iOS Jailbreaking is considered as a complicated process that removes the software restriction that is imposed by the Apple’s Operating System iOS developers on the device that includes iPhone, iPod touch, iOS, and iPad device. Usually, the iPhone Jailbreaking is like “Android Rooting” that would unlock more permission or extra feature to the software.

Jailbreak is hacking the device to improve the speed and unlock many numbers of options in the software. However, it could be a risky option as it could also damage your phone software. To hack the WiFi passwords your iOS device, you could easily opt for the below techniques that would bring you a prominent solution.

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8 Applications to Hack WiFi Password on iOS

iPhone Apps To Hack WiFi Password:

When you are looking for the best option to crack on the WiFi password easily, and then there are many numbers of hacking software are readily available to your need.


The WiFiAuditPro application allows you to hack the WiFi passwords for those routers whose default password hasn’t been changed. It comes with a dictionary that contains all the default passwords for innumerable routers.

Pros of WiFiAuditPro:

  • Using this application, you can even save the WiFi passwords on your device.
  • This cool applications works on iPhone/iPad and even on a iPod Touch.
  • It is compatible with all the iOS versions 7.0 and above.
  • It works on non-jailbroken iOS devices.

Cons of WiFiAuditPro:

  • As said in the beginning, you can only hack WiFi routers whose default passwords aren’t changed using this application. If the default password is changed then this application is utterly useless.


Instabridge is not actually a hacking application. However, this application itself comes with an inbuilt hacking mechanism that enables you to connect any free WiFi or hot spot nearby. Holding a database of over 3 billion WiFi networks, Instabridge will make sure that you are always connected even if your data pack has expired. The application works on all iOS devices that are running on iOS 9.0 or later.

Pros of Instabridge:

  • It comes with an amazingly big WiFi database of over 3 billion connections.
  • It sports an easy-to-use user interface.
  • It works on non-jailbroken iOS devices.

Cons of Instabridge:

  • As it is clear, you cannot hack secure WiFi networks using this application.

WPA Tester:

The WPA Tester is one of the fantastic App that you can download from the Apple Apps Store. Using the WPA Tester on iPhone, you can get the WiFi password instantly without any hassle. WPA Tester is a password hacking software used to attain the wireless network where the hot spot is available. Normally, the procedure for cracking the WiFi password in App is entirely user-friendly Individuals with little to no knowledge of the hacking could get benefit from using this software.

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iWep Pro:

iWep Pro is one of the high advance applications to use and much more popular for hacking the WiFi for iPhone users. The iWep Pro has an excellent user interface that is much more simple to be understood by the users. In fact, no need to know any programming or technical skills required to crack the WiFi passwords. The iWep Pro application could efficiently crack the WiFi password on the iOS device without any jailbreak needed.

Pros of iWep Pro:

  • Easy to use as we can see a very easy user interface.
  • It checks the security of a WiFi network.
  • It generates WEP for the WiFi router.
  • Compatible with all non-jailbroken iOS devices which are running above iOS 8.

Cons of iWep Pro:

  • Unexpected bugs while using.
  • Unexpected crashes.


If you own a jailbroken iPhone, then Aircrack is an extremely handy application to hack a WiFi password. You can easily download and install the application from Cydia. However, please note that you can hack only WEP keys through this application. But, if a WiFi connection is sporting a weak WPA password, then this application can be used to fetch that as well.

Pros of Aircrack:

  • This application is very simple to use.
  • You are literally hacking WiFi passwords with this application.

Cons of Aircrack:

  • This application doesn’t work on non-jailbroken devices.
  • Its support is extremely limited; only up to iOS 6.1. So, if you possess an old iPhone, this application is useful for you.

WLAN audit:

WLAN audit App is also used to hack the WiFi passwords. Using this application, you can also conveniently crack WPA and WPA2 passwords in the routers having the default password. Using this application on the iOS device with the jailbreak is the extension option so that you can conveniently scan the networks to crack and click on the network for acquiring the password.

This WiFi hacking application for the iPhone users would also easily help to retrieve or crack the WiFi password.

Pros of WLAN Audit:

  • Easy to Hack password.
  • Absolutely cost is zero.
  • It can give you the security of the password.
  • Supports all iOS 5 and above devices.

Cons of WLAN Audit:

  • Available for only jailbroken devices.
  • Not strong enough to break some strong passwords.

You can easily Jailbreak your iOS 11 device using Electra IPA, Read the following tutorial: How to Jailbreak iOS devices using Electra IPA file [iPhone/iPad].


The dlssid is the iPhone hacker App used for the Dlink routers that are used across the world. There is some ISPs are available worldwide to re-brand the Dlink routers with your company name/logo. In fact, the possibility to find the router nearby and helpful to easily hack and display the Dlink the network name.

Speed Touch:

Speed Touch is one of the massive iPhone App to easily hack the WiFi password on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that would work on the WiFi routers worldwide. iSpeed Touched is a top-end iPhone App that is used for accessing the WiFi router password much more easier. After getting this application, you need to download the rainbow file which comes with all default passwords. after downloading this file press the scan button which comes with the network search result and you can easily hack the password of any network.

There aren’t many good file explorers for iOS devices as you know. But here’s the best file manager, Read More: Download iFile IPA on iOS(iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak.

Tips or Preventive Steps to Stop Hacking WiFi on your iPhone

Tip 1 -> Always Keep your iOS version Updated

Make sure whenever a new iOS version is released, you update your device as early as possible. Every iOS version is more secure than its predecessor and has got several bugs quashed.

Tip 2 -> Utilize VPN when connected to public networks

A VPN hides your IP address from the prying eyes of the hackers when connected to a public network. Hackers who are active on these public networks won’t be able to access the data on your iPhone as they won’t be able to get your original IP address.

Tip 3 -> Don’t allow your iPhone to join public networks automatically

Don’t keep your WiFi turned ON when you are moving out of your home. This is because your iPhone will keep on searching for networks and connect to public networks automatically, which is a major security issue. If you usually forget to turn off WiFi you can activate the option of ‘Ask to join networks’ on your iPhone to prevent any kind of unsolicited automatic connections.

Conclusion: Hack WiFi Passwords using Simple Apps

To hack WiFi passwords using your iOS device without Jailbreak on iPhone/iPad, start downloading the top software to get unlimited access without spending any money to recover the password. Utilize the Secure WPA Password to create the random long password to protect your wireless network.

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Is there anyway to hack wps networks?
all of those software , using bruteforce or WEP cracking. I think they won’t work on WPS
so is there any app like androdummper or something and is it working on iOS 12 or 13

Welcome to iJailbreak’s Downloads Section. Here you will find download links to popular jailbreaking software tools such as TaiG, PPJailbreak, Evasi0n, Pangu, Absinthe, JailbreakMe.com, RedSn0w, Sn0wBreeze, GreenPois0n and many more! We will also be including download links to important utilities like Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter, iFaith, TinyUmbrella and F0recast.

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Note: we will be posting updates as new jailbreaking and other handy tools are released. If you see a broken link please let us know by contacting us.


Download the latest iOS ipsw firmware: Mac OS X Windows


Download the latest iPhone iOS ipsw firmware: Mac OS X Windows


Download the latest iPad iPadOS / iOS ipsw firmware: Mac OS X Windows

iPod Touch / iPod Shuffle / iPod / Updater / Software

Download the latest iPod iOS ipsw firmware: Mac OS X Windows

Apple TV

Download the latest Apple TV iOS ipsw firmware: Mac OS X Windows

Apple Watch

Download the latest Apple Watch WatchOS ipsw firmware: Mac OS X Windows


iTunes (latest version): Mac OS X Windows


Safari (latest version): Mac OS X Windows


Semi-Restore is a tool that was developed by CoolStar that allows you to re-restore an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad back to the current iOS firmware version it is currently running without the need to have saved SHSH Blobs or APTickets. It supports all firmware versions from iOS 5.0 to 6.1.2 and is available for Windows, Mac OS X and soon Linux.

Download SemiRestore: https://semi-restore.com/


Download checkra1n: https://checkra.in

unc0ver For iOS 13

Download unc0ver: https://github.com/pwn20wndstuff/Undecimus/releases/

Chimera For iOS 12

Download Chimera: https://chimera.sh

Electra For iOS 11

Download Electra: https://github.com/coolstar/electra-ipas/

Yalu For iOS 10

Download Yalu: https://yalu.qwertyoruiop.com/


LiberiOS 11.0.3 LiberiOS 11.0.1 LiberiOS

25 PP Jailbreak Tool

PP 8.4 Jailbreak: Mac OS X Windows
25 PP Jailbreak: Mac OS X

Free Download Wifi Hacker For Iphone 5s


TaiG v1.1.0: Mac OS X TaiG v1.0.0: Mac OS X
TaiG v2.4.3: Windows TaiG v2.4.2: Windows

Pangu9 For iOS 9

Download Pangu: http://en.pangu.io

Pangu8 For iOS 8

Download Pangu: http://en.pangu.io

Pangu For iOS 7

Download Pangu: http://en.pangu.io

Evasi0n (Evasi0n7)

Evasi0n7 v1.0.8: Windows Mac OS X
Evasi0n7 v1.0.7: Windows Mac OS X


Evasi0n v1.5.3: Windows Mac OS X Linux


P0sixpwn v1.0.7: Windows Mac OS X


Absinthe is a new jailbreaking software that was released by the Dream Team to jailbreak the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Untethered running the iOS 5.0/iOS 5.0.1 firmware.

Absinthe 2.0.4: Windows Mac OS X Linux

CLI (Cinject 0.5.4): Windows Mac OS X


Ac1dSn0w is a new jailbreaking tool by the PwnDevTeam. The Ac1dSn0w jailbreaking tool is just like the RedSn0w jailbreaking tool but includes some new features such as exiting recovery mode. You can download the latest version of Ac1dSn0w below.

Ac1dSn0w Beta 2 (iOS 5/iOS 5.0.1): Mac OS X


PwnageTool is a MAC OS X only jailbreaking tool that jailbreaks your iOS device by creating a custom IPSW (Apple’s Firmware File); once this IPSW is created you must restore it to your iDevice through iTunes.

PwnageTool 5.1.1 (iOS 5.1.1): Mac OS X


Sn0wBreeze is actually the Windows alternative to the PwnageTool. It functions and operates the exact same way as the PwnageTool – Sn0wBreeze jailbreaks your iOS device by creating a custom IPSW (Apple’s Firmware File); once this IPSW is created you must restore it to your iDevice through iTunes.

Download Sn0wBreeze: https://github.com/iH8sn0w


RedSn0w (originally named QuickPwn) was re-released during the times of the 2.x.x firmware generation, as one of the first jailbreaking tools to jailbreak the iPod Touch 2G. Maintained and created by the Dev-Team, RedSn0w has become one of the most used jailbreaking tools to jailbreak the iOS firmware.

RedSn0w 0.9.15b3: Windows (Run in Administrator mode) Mac OS X

RedSn0w CLI 0.4.3: Windows


GreenPois0n jailbreaking tool was first released on October 12th, 2010 and it was one of the first jailbreaking tools to jailbreak the iOS 4.1 firmware. GreenPois0n is a one click jailbreaking tool; meaning that all you need to do to jailbreak your iDevice is click a button.

GreenPois0n RC6.1: Windows Mac OS X


Seas0nPass is an Apple TV 2G specific jailbreak tool created by the FireCore development team.

Free Download Wifi Hacker For Iphone 5

Seas0nPass: Windows Mac OS X


RageBreak: Windows Mac OS X

Nito Installer

Download Nito Installer v1.0: Windows Mac OS X


JailbreakMe is a userland jailbreak. Meaning that all you need to do to jailbreak your iDevice is visit JailbreakMe.com and just like that your iDevice will be Jailbroken. This jailbreak works on all iDevices running up to the iOS 4.3.3 firmware.

Free Download Wifi Hacker For Iphone 5 Pro

JailbreakMe 3.0: JailbreakMe


Spirit: Windows Mac OS X Linux


Download LimeRa1n: http://limera1n.com/


BlackRa1n: Windows Mac OS X

Siri Files

Download h1siri-1.0.1.deb Cydia tweak (click here for more information)

Download Siri GUI Files


TinyUmbrella is an SHSH saving tool that allows you to downgrade your iDevice’s firmware version to a lower version than you are currently running. This can often times be helpful in case you accidentally update to a firmware version that cannot be jailbroken; as by default Apple does not allow downgrading.

TinyUmbrella BETA:

Mac OS X [OSX App Only] Mac OS X [OSX Installer]
Windows [WIN x86 Installer] Windows [WIN x64 Installer] Windows [WIN x86 zip] Windows [WIN x64 zip]

TinyUmbrella 7.04.00: Windows Mac OS X

TinyUmbrella Fix Recovery: Windows Mac OS X

Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter

Chronic Dev have just released a new tool called the Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter that a will send crash reports to Chronic Dev’s private servers. This will help Chronic Dev develop an untethered iOS 5.0 Jailbreak the the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and other iOS devices.

Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter Final: Mac OS X Windows


DingleBerry 3.1.0: Windows Linux
DingleBerry 3.0.2: Mac OS X


iFaith is an SHSH saving tool that dumps SHSH blobs directly on to your iDevice. Dumping your SHSH blobs allows you to downgrade your iDevice’s firmware version to a lower version than you are currently running. This can often times be helpful in case you accidentally update to a firmware version that cannot be jailbroken; as by default Apple does not allow downgrading.

iFaith v1.5.9: Windows


RecBoot is an application that easily kicks your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad out of Recovery Mode and also puts your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into Recovery Mode.

RecBoot v2.2: Mac OS X
RecBoot v1.3: Windows Linux
RecBoot Source Code


iOSOpenDev 1.0.1 (05-Feb-2012): Mac OS X


StifleStand v1.0: Windows Mac OS X


iREB7: Windows
iREB r6 (For iOS 3.x.x to 6.x.x): Windows
iREB r5 (For iOS 3.x.x to 5.x.x): Windows


iDetector v1.0.1 (For iPhone 3GS): Windows


TinyCFW: Windows Mac OS X


F0recast is a handy tool that will tell you information about your iDevice. For example: whether or not it can be jailbroken/unlocked.

F0recast 1.4.1: Windows Mac OS X


CyberDuck Download


Pirni-Derv as a .zip and .tar File: Windows Mac OS X


Download WireShark


Download Winscp


BootLoaders (BL 3.9 and BL 4.6)


WhiteD00r 6: iPhone 2G Normal 6 iPhone 2G Unlocker 6

WhiteD00r 6: iPhone 3G Normal 6 iPhone 3G Unlocker 6

WhiteD00r 6: iPod Touch 1G WD6

WhiteD00r 6: iPod Touch 2G WD6 (MB Model only)


ipswDownloader allows you to easily download firmware files for your iDevice from an easy to use GUI (graphical user interface). Additionally the tool tells you whether or not the firmware you are downloading can be jailbroken or Unlocked.

ipswDownloader 0.5: Windows Mac OS X (32 bit) Mac OS X (64 bit)


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