Since the SB Game Hacker APK 5.1, No origin Download is totally free. It’s not necessary to invest any cash to buy the lives along with other Resources in your own Android Game. Since the SB Game Hacker demands no root access, you may just hack any Android matches onto your app that also at no cost. Free Fire Emulator Mod APK + Hack For Android and PC Download June 4, 2020 June 4, 2020 by Rexdl Apk Free fire is a wonderful game and people around the world admire this game in bulks. Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk is the best fighting game ever. This game based on Fight. And it’s the 2nd sequel of Shadow Fight. Shadow Fight Special Edition Mod Apk Hack is available for easy download and plays on your device. This game is available for various types of devices like Android, iOS, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 many more.

Babies first Game Hacking Tool for Android - Video Tutorial

Xmodgames is one of the most simple to use game cheating tools for Android devices and also one of the very few ways to run farming bots for online games. It does not work for every game, but is incredibly easy for beginners and a good alternative to modded / hacked APK files. – ROOT is required.

Game Hacker Features

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- Most beginner-friendly app to hack games, easy to use, easy to understand.
- Intuitive and simple user interface that looks and feels good.
- Multiple different search modes and value types, very comprehensively explained process.
- Normal Mode (NM): For searching for a single known value of one data type.
- Combined Mode (CM): For searching several values in a set range.
- Fuzzy Scan Mode (FZ): For searching values according to numerical variation (increased, decreased, unchanged ect)
- De-Encryption Scan Mode (DE): For searching encrypted values.
- Supported value types : DWord (0 – 4294967295), Word (0-65535), Float (decimal points), Depth/Auto (auto select value type).
- Fastest scanning times among memory editors on Android so far.
- Auto update functionality.
- No highly advanced game hacking functionality, but covers the basics for sure.

About SB Game Hacker

This awesome game cheating app was created by a team calling themselves SBTools, hence the name SB Game Hacker, or Game Hacker (short). We do not currently know too much about the creators, except that they are probably Chinese, as the license agreement is written in mandarin.

Game Hacker is certainly your best option among memory editors, if you have never used one before and want to start trying to hack games. – This app will guide you through the process without requiring to bring and experience or prior knowledge about memory editing to the process. The app automatically attaches to the game process, and seamlessly guides you through scanning for values without any tutorials or holding your hands, simply through an intuitive and frankly geniously well-crafted user interface.

Overall, SBGH is highly recommended for beginners and pros alike.

Game Cheating Software / Memory Editor / Video Tutorial

In the gameplay of AFK Arena Mod Apk, there will be a beautiful world called Esperia. The world of Esperia is wonderful and people there will be living much happily.

But prosperity in the world of Esperia will have the threat of Hypogeans. Hypogean will be the evil guys and they will be creating chaos by innocent killing the people in that peaceful country. Thus ruining the peace of Esperia. You can download the AFK arena hack apk with unlimited Diamonds.

AFK Arena Mod Apk

Esperia will be ruled by a beautiful queen who is more than a goddess than queen she will be using her powers to save the country and will give her powers to rarities.

You have to fight against those evil powers and will have to survive along with the good people of the country using the powers of the goddess.

You might be wondering what does the word AFK means. The first word of the game is AFK stands for Away From Keyboard.

This concept is used to stay active in the game although you are busy doing some other stuff. If you are active in-game and doing some other stuff your game will be automatically played and rewards and coins will be collected.

If you are playing any other game, collecting rewards will need proper skill and time also. Staying log in too the game will be the only way to get more coins and reward and you will be bounded to the screen of mobile phone also.

The bit with AFK you will never be going to face such restriction of staying close to the screen of mobile and playing the game with much skill.

Additional Information

SizeAFK Arena
Developed byLilith Game
Size99 MB
Cost Free


Get it onPlay Store

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AFK Arena

The main highlights and features of this game are discussed below.


AFK is one of the most adored gameplay and everyone loved to play it. The magic and powers will be used for the sake of the prosperity of the country and the freedom of the country from the evil power.

RPG Battle

The interface of battle RPG will make this game worth playing. You will be facing the mode of battle RPG.

Powerful heroes

The game is loaded with many powerful heroes and other characters having their unique powers. Select the hero of your own choice with unique powers to get the charge against the evil powers.

Make sure to try switching among characters according to the situation of battle you are in. get your character wardrobe and other essentials too.

Unlimited Gold

Modded version will provide you a chance to earn as many rewards that is gold and coins too. The earned reward can be used later in an exchange for in-app purchases of items. Modded version will let you earn many rewards of coins and gold free of cost.


Select the level of the game according to your own choice if you want to start from the beginner level select it and start playing it. The same is the case with the superheroes selects any superhero according to the level of the game that is Common, Elite, or legendary.


The game is rich in graphics too. Its highly intense graphics makes it suitable to download no matter for android mobile-based devices.


As mentioned above the game will be needed to be displayed on the fore screen of the mobile device. The game will be auto-synced with updates and its progress will also be continued.


Most of all the game is quite safe for mobile devices. It will never ask for any further personal information of the user.

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The game no doubt is a full pack of interest. You will meet new superheroes with every update and stage too. This exciting gameplay will never let you get bored at any step.

Along with that, the graphics of the game makes are worth downloaded, we are sure if you try this game once you will be surely addicted to the idea of the game and you will never quit playing.


Q: Is AFK Arena Mod available on the google play store?

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No, it is not. The game has only the Modded version and it not available on the google play store yet.

Q: Is AFK Arena Mod Apk is safe and secure to install?

Gloud Game Apk Download Hack

Yes, it is. People might be wondering and showing their concerns about the installation of the game because it has only Modded version developed so far. But the active players of the game are quite satisfied with the privacy of the game.

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