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You are granted the complete freedom to customize your truck in the exact way you want. And that is one of the main perks of the gameplay inside. Also the different types of challenges are adding a new challenging level. And with Offroad Outlaws Cheats you will be granting the full powers to obtain anything you choose, Absolutely Offroad Outlaws Hack just developed to be safe for all users as the mechanism of receiving the Gold will be pretty normal way “You will receive the gold as gift from a friend”!

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Offroad Outlaws was created and published by “Battle Creek Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Graphics quality will be meeting up with your standards, as it is not that low and still not very high to match up a bigger playing pool. And we have already covered this section with details down below.

Gameplay Introduction.

Right here, we will be talking mainly about the gameplay components and try to cover the most critical parts that any new player would be encountering. We do believe that Offroad Outlaws guide is the right place to learn all the necessary basics and even the advanced techniques as well.

Start your journey with a 30.000$ as a gift, and that is more than enough to get you a truck and a quad. Visit the dealership to get the business done comfortably. We will be speaking more about the dealership pros and cons later on.

There are tons of customization you may enjoy if you want to customize the Offroad Outlaws Hack exactly the way you want. Tap on the slider that is located far on the left side of the screen at the main menu and feel free to play with the toys you got there.

Changing the graphics quality is something that is totally coming back to many options. You may decrease it to increase the battery life and playing time, but also you are going to miss some of the great details and sharpness of the units shown.

Customize Your Truck the Way You Want.

Let’scontinue what we started in the customization section. The music and sounds can be switched on or off depending on your main preference. This is something totally optional and has no certain set up. And when it comes to the controls, you have to know that there are three main systems available.

Arrows: using the arrows to accelerate and steer is an ideal choice for the ones whom are playing the game at any place and any does not require anything special to be function properly.

Tilt: tilting could be more enjoyable than the others but still one of the hardest and you must be steady and prepared well to play the game.

Wheel: the real life simulation system, only do it this if you are feeling comfortable with it as it could cause some terrible disaster, but we have to remind you that it is very similar to the arrows mode.

Last thing we will be listing in this set of Offroad Outlaws tips is going to be the accelerator system. You may go through the slide or touch options. Both will get the job done without any problems to mention. We are more like fans of the touch if you are using a bigger screen. Two thumbs will get the job done instantly.

The Dealership in Depth.

As any other regular cars game, there is this place that grants you the ability to purchase cars and sell if you no longer need. And we are trying here to give you a full vision over the different types, but we have to remind you with the Offroad Outlaws Cheats powers and how it will allow you to get whatever you want.

  • Trucks: Where everyone starts. Stock trucks that can be modified into incredible off-road tags. Careful…it’s addictive!
  • Quads: light, nimble, and incredibly fast- the quads are where a lot of fun and excitement begins.
  • Sxs: almost all the agility of a quad, but with the addition of a roll cage, restraints, and a passenger!
  • Crawlers: Crawlers are purpose built for slamming up, over, and into rocks. The ultimate off-road machine.

The previous set of different types of cars will be used according to your needs and you have to find the right formula to keep going forward. And do not forget about Offroad Outlaws cheats and how it will be turning all your dreams into reality with the minimum amount of effort.

The Difference Between Game Modes.

The main currencies in the game are split into two types, the regular USD and the gold coins. They both are obtainable via Offroad Outlaws cheats and for free, but there are tons of ways to increase your stock of them easily.

Each truck will come at a cost depending on its features and abilities, so at the start you are advised to get a cheap one and save the remaining amount of money to later on.

Moving now to the playable modes and the clear difference between them.

  • Single Player: a very basic mode that is offering you 4 different landscapes to play in but they will come locked and you have to unlock them with experience points and gold coins. Each one will have an ideal truck choice to get the maximum profit out of it.
  • Multiplayer: two small mini modes to be player there, the free roam that has no borders to goals to achieve mainly but moving all over the map along with other players.
  • Capture The Flag: a very interesting mode in the multiplayer system. You have to move with the truck into the flag location and hold still for few seconds until you manage to pick it up. Now your goal is to return it back to your base before the enemies stop you and retrieve it. A very challenging mode, that needs a lot of hard work from your Offroad Outlaws hack service.

Final Conclusion.

We have to remind the users that the multiplayer mode is only available if you are connected to the internet, and the connection must be strong and stable as much as possible. You are also allowed to create your own server or maybe even join an already created one.

Offroad Outlaws hack will give you a huge advantage over the other players as you will be using the most advanced trucks available in the store and without having to go through the regular struggle.

Moving now into the customization section and how it works…the game is granting you a complete control over the truck parts. You may change the body outfit and how it looks like. The color of the car, Rims types and colors as well…even the tires can be changed to match the playing style on the different landscapes. Get the required money by using Offroad Outlaws hack instantly.

Enter the wraps section to be amazed with the tons of deep customization and coloring systems. This is a very complicated mode and we do not have enough knowledge in this regard. But we can only give you all the gold coins you need via Offroad Outlaws Hack.

Kick the buddy mod apk provides unlimited money and gold for gamers such as yourself! It contains no ads and unlocks everything, including all the weapons which allow you to unleash furry on the buddy.

Download Kick The Buddy Mod Apk Latest Version

There are many versions of the modded apk available. We’ve provided both the newer and older version of the mod’s to download for free. Here are the specs for the latest version.

App NameKick The Buddy Mod Apk
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Ratings 5


Overview Of Kick The Buddy Mod Apk: The Concept & Features

Kick the buddy Mod Apk is modified version the android game developed by playgendary. The concept of the game is pretty straight forward. You have to beat the hell outa poor buddy. Simply put, the game is designed to release stress in a virtual environment.

Note: There is kick the buddy for Ipad & iPhone also available for users running IOS.

So, if you’re angry at a friend of yours, or someone betrayed your trust then release all your anger on this buddy who is defenseless and captured in a box – all he can do is basically just insult.

You’ll get to torture him in whatever fashion you please. In fact, kick the buddy mod unlocks everything, there’s an entire shop filled with weapons to try innovative ideas. Shoot, kick, freeze, destroy or even bomb him!

Doing this will eventually ease your anger without causing any harm to yourself or the people around you.

Believe it or not, it works!

The technology has done wonders, who would’ve thought that we’d be able to release our stress through kicking and punching a teddy bear in a video game.

Now, instead of throwing precious stuff on a wall enjoy the perks of living in a modern world; throw some at our poor buddy in a virtual one!

The mod apk provides additional features than the original game. We’ve discussed them below.

Kick The Buddy Mod Apk Unlock all Weapons (every weapon in the shop)

No joke, kick the buddy mod apk unlock all weapons from the shop. Which essentially enables you to kill the buddy through 455 unique ways, can you imagine that? 455!

There is a wide range of weapons available in the game. From explosives, firearms, cold weapons, bioweapons, tools, plants to miscellaneous objects and animals that you can have to obliterate the buddy.

The problem, however, was that you could never use all of these weapons since the majority of them were locked!

You had to unlock those by either buying them or winning them in some lucky draw, and what’s the probability of winning every weapon in the shop? in a word absolutely zero!

I’m not that lucky, and neither are you.

Thus, I’ve provided the modded version of kick the buddy which will help you get your hands around all those weapons for free.

Some of the weapons that you get for free with the mod include:

  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Objects
  • Liquids
  • Power of Gods
  • Music
  • Machines
  • Bio Weapons
  • Nano Weapons
  • Sports
  • Foods
  • Appliances

Also, check out my pick for the best weapon in kick the buddy.

The Mod Gives Unlimited Money And Gold

If you are looking for that then look no further kick the buddy mod apk provides unlimited money and gold thus enabling you to do whatever you wish too. As with any android game, there are many things available in the shop for you to get but unfortunately, you can’t!

These things cost money, and sometimes even gold. When you’re short of this you might actually need to pay real cash to buy this virtual currency.

And this has become a major problem for a lot us gamers, almost everything is paid. There are a few things available in the shop for you to try but those aren’t many.

We need everything man, from the grenades to classical AK. And we just can’t afford to pay for each one of those items. I wish the developers understand and take this into consideration when creating new games.

Thankfully, the mod solves this issue by giving unlimited gold and money. With that in your hand, you have the chance to do all that you otherwise were not able to.

I’ve also written how to easily make more money in kick the buddy without any mod, be sure to read that too.

Have Diamond Membership For Free!

Thankfully the mod apk provides diamond membership. Which means you won’t be bored cause you’ll get to enjoy the perks of premium membership for free. It otherwise costs money but is provided for free in the modded version.

Free Hacks Download

Almost everything, and this why many want this. The problem, however, was that you have to purchase it and there was no other way around until now of course.

Now, you get to try all the stuff that was limited for those that had bought this. There are lots of things to explore so be sure to check them all.

Includes Free Shopping

When I played the game for the time, I immediately went to the shop and was amazed to see tons of different items. There were so many that you can literally customize almost every aspect of the game. I tried to buy bioweapons and failed. Many of these weapons were locked, and I was not allowed to buy them.

The restrictions are laid by the developers who don’t want you to shop for free.

Think about it, if you are able to buy everything for free then what’s the point of spending money on purchasing diamonds and cash. They keep it this way, some items are locked while others are open for the general public to try for free.

But you don’t have to worry since the mod provides free shopping through which you can buy whatever you wish to.

There Are No Ads

One of the most annoying things about Android games is advertisements. There are just too many. This wasn’t always the case. I don’t know what’s wrong with the developers these days, I sincerely hope they can tone those advertisements down a bit.

The original Kick he buddy too is filled with ads, there are so many that it gets super annoying after a few minutes.

You click on the shop go to your profile and pop there goes and ad. Every time you kill the buddy or change a weapon there is an advert. The worst part is you are forced to watch at least 15 seconds of the advertisement before you can proceed to close them.

Therefore, kick the buddy mod apk removes all the advertisements that were driving many on the internet crazy. And I can understand why. I wish the developers of the game can understand that too.


The game starts with an annoying buddy in a box, saying all sorts of stupid stuff to designed to intimidate you.

You click on the buddy, and bang, he gets kicked.

The more you click, the more he gets kicked. If you click fast enough he dies.

To be honest, I was expecting the buddy to die with a few kicks only but man he was strong. He eats your kicks like a pro, it took some 50-60 kicks to kill that damn buddy.

We tried all the machines in kick the buddy, and I have to say, it felt great.

Reviews About The Game

The game is too much fun, I liked everything about it except for the ads which are very distracting. Therefore, I had to disconnect my phone from internet to play the game. Thankfully, the mod resolves this issue by removing ads. Plus, I get to enjoy every item from the shop for free.​Walter L. Smith

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does kick the buddy mod do?

It provides unlimited money/gold and also gives diamond membership for free

Is it safe to download

How to update the mod?

Click the bell icon and subscribe to our site, we'll notify whenever there is an update available.

Why is the mod not installing on my android device?

Make sure you have allowed applications from unknown sources to be installed on your device.

Hack My Box

Should your mobile be rooted?

Final Words

My experience with the game is quite positive, I was told by a friend of mine to check it out. All in all, I was amazed at how well the developers turned a simple concept of kicking someone into a fully-fledged game designed for releasing stress.

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If simply kicking isn’t your thing then there is a lot more than that which you can do too. The shop is filled with weapons that you can use on the buddy. And the developers keep adding more and more with every update.

The reason I provided the mod was so people can actually get rid of the advertisements and use all the weapons for free.

If you have any questions regarding the mod then let us know in the comment section below.

Is Hack The Box Free

Also, don’t forget to click on the bell icon on the lower right side of the screen, this way you’ll be notified whenever there is a newer version of the mod available.

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