Recently, my laptop started having more load than usual( I can detect this easily as the temperature of my laptop increases as it starts to have high load), this made me suspicious and I tried hard to pin-point the problem. So here are my observations.

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By mistake I had opened a .jar file that my friend send me as a facebook message, I usually am carefull about such attachment, but thinking that it might be one of his new program’s I did a terrible blunder. So, the file happened to be a malware uses facebook as a mean to spread itself, I will talk more about it in the upcoming paragraphs and will also discuss what measures I did, hopefully to get rid of it from my laptop.

How does this malware look like?

You will get a message from your friend telling lol and an an attachment that has the format (xyz denote a three digit number). For example see the image at bottom, which was the message I was victim of.

Naturally, many people will download the file and unzip the file to get a similarly named .jar file. I happened to be those unfortunates who was stupid enough to open the .jar! file. So, after opening nothing had happened, this made me suspicious about the whole thing.

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Now I will describe what the malware does.

  1. First it stealthy downloads a file from the internet. A research in the internet lead me to a clue that the name of the file so downloaded is “x1.exe”.
  2. Next “x1.exe” starts working, and it corrupts the “explorer.exe”
  3. This will start to propagate using facebook as a medium, so it will run a process that starts with the name facebook…
The first thing I did was open the task manager and stopped the process that started with the name facebook… If you are unfamiliar with that, I can help use the shorcut Shift-Ctrl+Esc to open the task-manager , you will have to select more details first in case the task manager shown less details at the beginning.
Under the tab process you need to select the process that begins with name facebook and then press on end task at the bottom right corner of the window(I don’t have such a process in my image, so image does not exactly replicate the situation).
Next you will experience your windows explorer having a very high memory usage, in my case it went as big as 2Gb !. I know this is particularly annoying.
Next thing most of the virus do is to start the virus as soon as your computer turns on. Fortunately there is a nice little way to know what all application tries to startup and deny them privilege for that. I have a blog post on How to stop applications that start when windows turns on. You can read that to learn how to stop such processes and have a good look at what all application runs as soon as your computer runs and try google searching suspicious one’s name and deny them permission to run, also you can note down their paths and do an antivirus scan at those path, or else if you are so sure that it is a malware you can try deleting them(Although most of them won’t go as easy as that, who knows when lady luck blesses).

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Next thing I found after researching online is that, the explorer.exe will try to acess the internet so that the facebook malware or bitcoin malware( It so happens that the facebook malware will exploit your computer to mine bitcoin).
To know if explorer.exe is acessing the internet, I did the following steps
Open run(use shorcut Ctrl+R) and type “resmon” (The short name for Resource Monitor)
Click on the network tab and have a look at the processes listed. Those are the ones which will access internet.
If there is a process listed “explorer.exe”(in the directory then that means it access the internet, the fact that it acesses the internet at almost the same rate as your browser might surprise you, and understand how powerful the malware is.
As the previous fact suggests, I restricted network access priviledge for explorer.exe by creating a rule in Firewall. You can see my blog post on Block an application from connecting network using windows firewall
Click on Windows firewall
Click on Advanced Settings
Select Inbound rules
Select program in the menu and click on next
The program I want to block is explorer.exe which is situated in the path “C:WindowsSysWOW64explorer.exe” (If your windows directly is different, change it accordingly)
After clicking next, select the option Block the connection and click next.
Similarly repeat the same procedure for outbound connection and after successful completion you have blocked the application from uploading and downloading through the internet!.
Whatever you have done till now has neutralized the virus, but still dis-infection is important. For that download a descent yet free antivirus like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware(This one gives you premium features for a limited amount of time) do all types of scan the program offers.
So what was the result of all these work?
I decreased the memory usage of explorer.exe from about 2Gigabytes to around 60 Megabytes(which is quite normal)
Although the facebook malware infected my computer, it did not take over my facebook account as it’s medium of reproduction.

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Although the bitcoin miner malware started using my computers resources to do bitcoin miner for some remote user, I could neutralize this.
Although the whole malware is very much annoying, many anti-virus programs cannot successfully eliminate or remove the malware, this includes the antivirus giant Bitdefender (which I proudly uses), it was able to detect the presence of the malware, but could not do steps to make it again and again gaining control of the system i.e my case was even after bitdefender neutralizing the malware, after some time it’s presence is again detectable.

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