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  4. Download Mini Militia Hack Version Unlimited Health
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  1. Mini Militia Hack is a mobile phone game all about battling and shooting. This game depends on essential 2D graphic designs that were popular in old games like Stickman and Rambo. The player is given a bundle of astonishing highlights like an extensive scope of power-ups, customization of symbols, weapons, zoom control and a lot more.
  2. 3 Mini Militia Hack version Download unlimited Health and Ammo; Mini Militia is one of the most popular multiplayer game. It is an intense 6 people combat game. I am sure, that you would have seen some of your friends playing it. It is really a fun game to play.

Mini Militia Mod Apk Android And Ios. Mini Militia MOD APK is a cracked version for Android that includes unlimited health and ammo with features of unlimited health and ammo. Miniclip debuted the game on April 5, 2011, and it quickly became famous. Both Android and iOS versions of the game are presently available. Categories Android Apps, Buy Mini Militia Doodle Army 2, Game Guide, mini miliitia pro pack, mini militia cheats, Mini Militia download, Mini Militia Game, Mini militia god mod, Mini Militia hack apk, mini militia hack version, Mini Militia hack version download, mini militia hacking, mini militia mod, mini militia unlimited health, Mod APKs. #3 Download Mini Militia God Mod Apk Mini militia God mod apk is used to get unlimited health means no one can kill you in a game that’s why this mini militia apk is called as God mod apk. In this mod version, no one can kill you can you can easily can your enemy in one shot easily.

The classic Capture the Flag is an outdoor game played between two teams. Each of the team has a coloured flag and the objective is to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it to own base camp. The game is played on a field with two clearly designated halves with each side painted in the team colour.

Based on CTF a new version (4.0.36) was released with Mini Militia on 26 October 2017. In addition to the regular gameplay, players now had an option to turn Deathmatch into Capture the Flag Mode. Overall the concept of Mini Militia remained the same but the primary objective with this update was to capture the other team’s flag to earn points.

Soon after this release, a mod of this version hit the market that enabled players to cheat. This mod allowed flag retention even after respawns, made it easier for them to hold two guns along with the flag, gave multiple points on a single touch down and rained flag all over the map. This mod is known as the CTF mod. We will talk further about it in the latter half of this post. First, let’s cover how to play Mini Militia in CTF mode.


  • 1 How to Play in CTF Mode
  • 3 Tips and Tricks
  • 4 Is CTF the Update we were looking for or are there still some Quirks


How to Play in CTF Mode

Here is how you can play this format of the game online.

Players with version 4.1.0 and above:

  1. Click on “Play Online” on the screen that appears after opening the app.
  2. Next click on “Custom Game”.
  3. Scroll down until you find servers by the name “CTF India x” (where x=1 to 9).
  4. Choose from any available server.
  5. Finally, select any Room with status “In Lobby”.

Players with version below 4.1.0

  1. Click on Multiplayer.
  2. Then click on Custom.
  3. If you are prompted to purchase pro pack, click on Later.
  4. Scroll down until you find servers by the name “CTF India x” (where x=1 to 9).
  5. Choose from any available server.
  6. Finally, select any Room with status “In Lobby”.

For offline game

  1. Start the updated game app.
  2. Go to Multiplayer.
  3. Choose DEATHMATCH.
  4. Select LAN WIFI.
  5. HOST the game.
  6. Finally, tap on the MAP selection area and click on DM to switch to the CTF mode.

Know more about how to play this here.

Things you should know before playing

You, your teammates and your team flag will always spawn on a single spot which would be your camp. The colour of your flag would be the colour of your team. You got to protect this flag from your opponents at any cost.

Now you have to slowly advance to the other side of the map and reach to opponents camp. This would be your opponent’s flag zone/camp. You or any of your teammate has to capture it and bring it to your camp. Once you get it, just swap your weapon and arm yourself. Rush as quickly as you can back to your camp. Now place it in your flag zone and that means you successfully captured their flag.

Also, prevent your opponents from capturing your flag at any cost. Deaths and kills don’t matter here. The number of flags captured determines the winning team.

CTF Mods and Hacks

The game in itself is very difficult to play and with this new feature i.e. CTF, the difficulty reaches another level. To help new players and excite existing ones, CTF comes with a bunch of mod packs. These mods add features on top of the existing ones to create a rain of flags, enable passage through the walls along with the flag.

Other features that come with CTF mod are

  • Unlimited Nitro, Ammo and bombs
  • High damage ammunition
  • Rapidly increasing health
  • Few Pro Pack features
  • Extra Speed with the flag
Mini Militia CTF Mod APK
File Name: MMCTF.apk
File Size: 48.94 MB
Developers: Appsomanics LLC
Version: v4.0.36 (Updating soon)

Tips and Tricks

1. Team Efforts

Forget your individual skill points, suicides and betrayals. This mode is purely based on team efforts. Each one of you got your own role to play. If you don’t contribute your part, your team won’t win. (A really great concept in the game.)

2. Protect your camp

Not everyone should actually run for the enemy flag. There should be a team strategy.
Atleast one of you must stay back and protect your camp. Remember even if you die, you would be respawned near your camp. So opponent would have a hard time capturing your flag.

How To Download Mini Militia Hack Version Unlimited Health Free

3. Swap flag with a gun

If you have opponent’s flag, make sure to swap it to a weapon because the flag can only do melee damage which isn’t enough to protect yourself as well as the flag. It takes 5 melee hits to kill an opponent. So always swap and equip a better gun.

4. Protect the flag bearer

As told, the one with the flag is limited with a single weapon and he is most vulnerable. The heat will be upon him. Every opponent will be on his tail. So protecting him should be a priority of every other member. The victory is in his hands. So get in front of your opponents and give them a tough fight.
Even sacrifice yourself to cover him so that he could run away with the little time he has.
Because that’s how fights are won. #teamwork

5. Don’t compete with teammates

Do not compete with your teammates to steal the flag. Because it doesn’t matter who holds the flag. The score would only go to the whole team. The individual scores depend only on your kills and death.
So there’s nothing in competing with each other. In fact, give everyone a chance in each role.

6. Proxies and Gas bomb

Proxy mines and gas grenades can twist the game results anytime. Place them at the flag and spawn points. All players would spawn at a specific spot throughout the game.

Using them in the flag spots would also prevent your opponents from capturing the flags anytime soon.

7. Give priority to snipers

Sniper is a Godly weapon in this mod. In 1v1 and 2v2, you can lead your team to the victory with a single sniper.
Even in intensive multiplayer matches, a sniper can protect your team from a very far range. If you have a flag and sniper, you won’t even be needing your team to protect you.

Is CTF the Update we were looking for or are there still some Quirks

How To Download Mini Militia Hack Version Unlimited Health

CTF is a major upgrade to the game released with the intent to stop the downtrend seen in the game from the last one year. The update has been widely appreciating so far in the community.

Mini Militia Hack Version Download Unlimited Health And Ammo Apkpure 2020

CTF made Mini Militia not only fun to play but also incorporated some life skills. It might sound funny but yes, the way your team works towards completing a mission by coordinating with each other also helps you in real life. The game teaches you sacrifice, team efforts, and strategic planning.

How To Download Mini Militia Hack Version Unlimited Health Mod

Even with the mods, CTF does not lose its very essence. It has become an increasingly important factor in the commercial success of this game.

Download Mini Militia Hack Version Unlimited Health

Still, there are a few shortcomings where this update needs to work. Like the duration for which a flag can stay away from its camp must be increased. There should be an option to allow players to spawn at random locations. Rest works as intended.

Mini Militia Hack Version Download Unlimited Health And Ammo Apk

Video Review of the Update

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