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A little bit about Halloween Celebration

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It is one of the most important celebrations of the American holiday calendar and symbolizes the union of the world of the living with that of the dead. Everyone wants to disguise as a ghost, demon or some other spooky character. The goal is to dress up in creepy costumes and terror, scare friends with sounds and sound effects and provoke nightmares, but also to collect candy and have fun.

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Go above and beyond this Halloween! Trick or treat?

I’ve always had a curiosity for new technologies of curing diseases. While our diet, emotions, lifestyle all play a role in our health, I also believe that cutting edge technologies can help us live a healthier life.

When it comes to diseases like cancer, many feel powerless to the disease, and may spend time, energy, money on treatment like chemotherapy, radiation, which also has side effect to our bodies. Some may even argue that chemotherapy can potentially kill people. While I do not want to get into this debate, I’m more interested in alternatives.

What if there is a futuristic and holistic way of treating and reversing cancer, as well as other diseases? A way that doesn’t also kill healthy cells?

According to our guest today, everything on this planet gets cancer, from humans to primates to reptiles to trees to fish.

While our original genetic state is non cancerous, genetic and epigenetic events can cause damages at a level that is beyond our body’s natural repair mechanisms, leading to the process of oncogenesis: run-away malignancy, tumor growth, metastasis, and death.

But the interesting point is: Humans do not have the ability to naturally correct these tumorigenesis events on our own. But other species (the regenerators) do.

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What if we can take the manifested cancer cells and turn them back into normal tissue, instead of using a “kill centric model” like surgery, radiation, chemotherapy?

What if we can reverse cancer by taking substances and compounds that can reprogram our genes to their original, non-cancerous state?

Ira Pastor, CEO of Bioquark, with over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, comes on the Deliciously Playful Lana – Health Secrets Made Simple Podcast to discuss the science behind combinatorial biologics for the regeneration and repair of human organs and tissues as a potential solution to cancer. Enjoy the podcast!

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Ira Pastor has over 30 years of experience across multiple sectors of the pharmaceutical industry including pharmaceutical commercialization, biotech drug development, managed care, distribution, OTC, and retail; Served as VP, Business Development for drug development company Phytomedics Inc., raising $40 million of private equity, consummating over $50 million of licensing deals, and bringing lead drug candidate from discovery stage to Phase III development. Prior to that, employed by SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals working in sales, marketing, and business strategy positions, Mr. Pastor has also served as Vice President of Corporate Development for the pharmacy benefit management company Prescription Delivery Systems (acquired by Cigna Health Insurance); MBA, Temple University; BS, Pharmacy, Rutgers University. He is also a Board Member of RegenerAge SAPI de CV, ( a clinical company focused on expedited translational therapeutic applications of regenerative and rejuvenative healthcare interventions, the Reanima Project (, member of the Executive Council of WAMS, The World Academy of Medical Sciences, and member of the World Economic Forum’s Human Enhancement council

  • Ira’s background
  • Single Drug Substance / Existing Treatments vs. Combinatorial Biologics
  • Kill Centric vs. Holistic Model
  • How Combinatorial Biologics works in reversing cancer
  • Recent Trials or Tests that Support Combinatorial Biologics
  • Organ Regeneration Using Combinatorial Biologics
  • Stem Cell Technology vs. Combinatorial Biologics

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