Kingdom wars mod apk is the combination of fun and adventure. This android game lies in the category of warfare that is relating to the kings and empires, making the gamers experience the action and a series of battles.

The game comprises over 400 stages with a story as per which the player is to combine up to 200 different game characters, form a group to look for the hidden treasure and try to preserve the stronghold of the player.

The games as the name defines relates to the Kingdom wars receive special attention. When choosing to play kingdom wars hack, the higher the level of focus, the higher are the chances of getting a level up.

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Features of the game/Gameplay

  • Gameplay

As its’ name defines, kingdom wars mod apk comprises a kingdom where the main goal is to win the endless war against the evil army.

Although the game is equipped with a limited pieces of content, the developer of the game has developed up to 400 distinctive levels. With every passing level, the difficulty rises. Hence, offering gamers an addictive yet interesting gaming experience.

  • Complicated controls

When the beginners to gamers choose to play kingdom wars hack, they might fail due to complicated controls it carries. Although the user interface is the simple one, the game can only be played by professional gamers.

But, it does not mean that one cannot play the game. Android users with technical knowledge would manage to hold down the control by simply tapping onto the screen.

  • Attractive graphics

When choosing to play this game, the gamers’ interest is further enhanced with the graphics that the developer has chosen for the game.

Numerous exciting battles and naturally appearing heroes seek the attention of the players alongside the achievement of goal which also comprises making improvement in the castle and letting it stay protected from the enemy attacks.

  • Collecting hidden treasures

The developer of the game has developed this game with the daily treasures and rewards to make it interesting for the gamers and to let them go on with every passing level.

As the gaming level passes by, the gamer progresses to another level, thereby climbing a level up and grabbing the rewards. The treasures and rewards within the game make it an exciting one for the player.

  • 6 kind of booster items

The developer of the game has enhanced the level of excitement within the game by adding 6 different kinds of boosters that appear to be unique and creative. Hence, demanding the player to make use of his skills and abilities and makeup distinctive strategies to win.

Since the developer adds a different story of every booster, it is the player who can go through every via use of exceptional skills.

What’s in Mod Version?


Kingdom wars hack is undoubtedly an amazing game that combines action, fun, and adventure by offering over 400 level and 200 unique characters.

The mod version of the game highlights the inclusion of unlimited money which makes the game further exciting for the players as now they hold the power to buy anything they want without thinking about how much it cost. It further assists the gamers in achieving the goal of reaching a level up quick and easy.

Maritime Kingdom Hack Download Apk

Details of Kingdom Wars Mod APK

Name of the applicationKingdom Wars Mod APK
Developer NameSpringcomes
Android Version4.1 +
APK Version1.6.0.4
Size of the app34.6MB
Category Strategy

Maritime Kingdom Game Help

Gameplay Screen


Kingdom wars hack is among the best of strategy games that a majority of android users enjoy. Leading the army to protect the kingdom from the enemies and monsters develops the interest of the players. To exclude the boredom from the game, the developer further adds more than 200 characters within 400 levels.

As a player, you are to use your skills for discovering unique heroes and making oneself stronger for the battles. Have it download must in your android devices and enjoy the gaming like never before!

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