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What are Hacked Client(s)?
Answer: Hacked Client(s) are completely client based interfaces that have mods (hacks) designed to give an advantage in playing Minecraft by offering them a load of cheats in the form of a ticked gui (in a box) (rarely with a command chat window). You place these hacked clients into the versions folder and create new profiles to accommodate their play. They are built using a combination of: the MCP (Minecraft Patcher to depack the Minecraft environment), using Eclipse to write the .java files, an SRC build of Forge, and a lot of caffeine. The result is a shelled out 'release' of Minecraft that interfaces with the Minecraft Controls, but does not supersede the OP (operator's controls) on servers.

Minecraft Client's - Minecraft 1.2.5 Hacked Client + Download Nodus. Add to New Playlist. You have already voted for this video. READ DESC N ST00F Here u guys go after so many PMs after so many Requests il put this out for u guys DL:.

How Does the AutoSoup Differ?
Answer: Some Hacked Client(s) have the exact same coding and are mostly the same macro in design AutoSoup. Other Hack Client(s) have a refilling hack designed to replenish your soups after leaving the bowls in your hotkey (no Inventory Halting glitch*). Another common AutoSoup is the refilling one extra soup from the inventory to the hotkey only when you receive damage. The most advantageous AutoSoups in hacked client form have an inbuilt fast click code asking for the clicking in Minecraft to be instantaneous and fast timers to increase the speed of souping to prevent any teamed players from combo-attacking through your AutoSoup. Also, some hacked client(s) have a No Cheat Plus Bypass Mod designed to lower the settings of all mods (hacks) to a default that can not be detected during gameplay.
Description: Below is a classic AutoSoup hack (mod) code created by Shoebox (2012).
Source Code (Shoebox, 2012):
package com.awareness.toggles;
import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft;
import net.minecraft.src.ItemStack;
import net.minecraft.src.Packet14BlockDig;
import net.minecraft.src.Packet15Place;
import net.minecraft.src.Packet16BlockItemSwitch;
import com.awareness.main.Awareness;
import com.awareness.main.ToggleBase;
public class ToggleAutoSoup extends ToggleBase {
public ToggleAutoSoup(Minecraft instance, int key) {
super(instance, key, 'AutoSoup', 0xFFE0A97B);
private final int MUSHROOM_SOUP = 282;
private final int DIAMOND_SWORD = 276;
public void runTick() {
boolean swordFound = false;
for(int slot = 44; slot >= 9; slot--){
ItemStack is = mc.thePlayer.inventorySlots.getSlot(slot).getStack();
if(is null) continue;
if(slot >= 36 && slot <= 44){
if(!(is.itemID MUSHROOM_SOUP (is.itemID DIAMOND_SWORD && !swordFound))){
mc.thePlayer.inventory.currentItem = slot - 36;
Awareness.sendPacket(new Packet16BlockItemSwitch(mc.thePlayer.inventory.currentItem));
Awareness.sendPacket(new Packet14BlockDig(4, 0, 0, 0, 0));
if(is.itemID DIAMOND_SWORD) swordFound = true;
if(is.itemID MUSHROOM_SOUP && mc.thePlayer.getHealth() < 7){
mc.thePlayer.inventory.currentItem = slot - 36;
Awareness.sendPacket(new Packet16BlockItemSwitch(mc.thePlayer.inventory.currentItem));
Awareness.sendPacket(new Packet15Place(-1, -1, -1, -1, mc.thePlayer.getCurrentEquippedItem(), 0, 0, 0));
Awareness.sendPacket(new Packet14BlockDig(4, 0, 0, 0, 0));
} else {
if(is.itemID MUSHROOM_SOUP && mc.thePlayer.getHealth() < 12){
mc.playerController.windowClick(0, slot, 0, true, mc.thePlayer);

Best Ranked 1.7.4 Hacked Client(s):
- Weepcraft Client (1.7.2).Macro Based with AutoRefill. Compatible with 1.7.4, this hacked client is comparable to the classic 1.6.2 Kinky client. The only problem is that the gui interface is extremely large (large amount of mod cheats) and thus needs to be switched to full screen mode for game-play. The CTRL button opens the gui and chat window interface to tick off the mods/hacks. I also noticed that the refill in this hacked client seems extremely responsive, thus meaning that a fast clicker is coded. Since it is macro based, the soups refill from the inventory when there is no soup present in the hotkey so long as it is ticked on.
- Nodus (1.7.2). Plugin Based with Refill. This is the most famous of all the hacked client(s). Used as a verb,
Nodus is the most common SMP cheat utility used by first time cheaters. Although the current plugins are kinda of glitchy, they are the best written codes (mods) for hacking. This version of Nodus has been updated with some mods being disabled. One such is the AutoSoup mod, which triggers very fast with refilling during battle. It also has a autosword code. To activate it, press the U button to access the console command window and type Autosoup once. This toggles it on. Warning: the more mods you activate, the likelihood of disconnection occurring.
- Huzuni (1.7.2). Macro Based with MonoRefill. Compatible with 1.7.4, this hacked client is a simple gui
interface with little excess commands. The AutoRefill in this client restricts to one soup refill every time your hit points suffers from any damage to the player. Overall, this can be a double edged sword macro-soup because it works well against teamed players, but soups too often in a 1v1 pvp battle.
- Gemini (1.7.2). Macro Based with MonoRefill. The AutoSoup feels very similar to Huzuni. Nuff said.

- Kronos (1.7.2).Plugin Based. This AutoSoup works extremely quick, but there is no refill step. The simple macro code simply eats soup off the hotkey. The bowls are left in the hotkey.
- Rubix (1.7.2). Plugin Based with Autosword. A glitchy AutoSoup with no refill mod, this plugin sticks to the sword once activated (thanks to the Autosword). This makes switching to other items on the hotkey or grabbing an item from the inventory impossible. A plus is that the AutoSoup is very quick. Overall, use this for AutoSouping if have to.
Note: 1.6.4 clients are currently incompatible with most bukkit servers running the 1.7.4 release of Minecraft. Therefore, you either have to find compatible server to pvp or wait for a later hacked client release from the developer.
Best Ranked 1.6.4 Hacked Client(s):
Minecraft 1.5 2 Hacked Client Nodus Download- Kinky Client (Modified 1.6.2): Macro Based with AutoRefill + Auto-item. The GUI is opened using the Up keyboard key with a large gui interface displayed. The AutoSoup with the Refill feature is all tied into one tick off the PVP tab. It is also has a keybind for easy shortcut. In the command window, you can set the item that the AutoSoup switches back to every time you soup; allowing the custom advantage of switching back to an axe, hoe, or etc if necessary. Overall, a solid AutoSoup if you consider it's simplicity.
Overall, all hacked client(s) are extremely good at one thing.... Cheating. Who knew?
Obvious disadvantage? Adding additional forge mods to the hacked client(s) is almost impossible. Not unless you are willing to decompile Minecraft via MCP, recode, and compile again. The result is that you will not have access to mods such as: World Edits to custom change your world, have an active Map Radar, an updated Optifine HD mod, damage indicators, armor indicators, and inventory tweaks.

Minecraft 1.5 2 Hacked Client Nodus Download 1.8

Minecraft nodus hacked client download.... as such we head to Gen 4: AutoSoup - Crafting Extra Soup......

Minecraft 1.5 2 Hacked Client Nodus Download

  • MƸrĿîɳ., Shoebox. (2012). Autosoup hack [Source]. Griefing. Retrieved 28/12/2013, 2013, from http://pastebin.com/wy6cbm7s

Nodus Hack Client

* The Inventory Halting glitch normally occurs in an AutoSoup as a result of the Inventory opening and closing requiring the player to not move. The result is that the player has to re-tap the movement buttons each time.This can be time consuming and irritating in pvp battles.
May 8th, 2012
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