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Minecraft PE Hack Mod APK (Immortality Unlocked) is a version, in which various bugs, which was present in the original video game, has been fixed now. The games coms with developed quality and upgraded features of characters has been something which has been attracting people from everywhere all over the world.

Enemies with various ranges, development for the character, spells and way more. Mine and Slash 1.15.2 focuses on modifying the fight system in Minecraft, including new hostile creatures to our worlds. Additionally, add a brand new development system for our character. Whereas hostile entities may also have their very own leveling system, so we are able to meet enemies of various energy. The degrees of the enemies will start to extend as we transfer away from the technology level of our character. Likewise, by defeating these increased stage enemies, we’ll get hold of increased stage, or extra invaluable, rewards. As for character tools, the mod provides numerous gadgets, corresponding to affixes and runes to forged spells. The mod additionally provides two new bars, the power bar for bodily assaults and the mana bar to forged spells.

You are able to do something within the sandbox, however somebody needs drive and blood. Mine and Slash is a mod that may flip Minecraft right into a recreation of the “minimize and minimize” style. He fully adjustments the course of the battle and introduces the pumping of apparatus. Many new content material will seem, together with armor, axes, amulets, rings, magic staves, and journey playing cards. You should use magic, journey to totally different dimensions and pump over totally different traits of the hero.

The developer recognized two objectives:

  • Killing mobs ought to be the principle method to get tools. It’s good to make a different drop and balanced statistics for the participant.
  • Present long-term character improvement.


  • All residing issues have ranges. They rely on the gap to the character’s spawn level. The farther you progress away from residence, the tougher the fights develop into.
  • Minecraft doesn’t enable greater than 1000 well being items, so the modification replaces this mechanics. Dietary supplements exhibiting life are ineffective.
  • The injury system can be rewritten. Normal swords do virtually no injury. Depend on new weapons and armor.
  • To get gadgets, it’s essential to struggle with an enemy near your stage.
  • Mobs take much less injury from the atmosphere.
  • Assault requires vitality, and spells require mana. Be taught to kite monsters and never waste mana.

Mine and Slash Reloaded is a Minecraft mod that was designed to replace the Minecraft fight system and switch the sport into an thrilling and quick paced recreation. Minecraft fights properly, however some gamers undoubtedly contemplate it gradual. The purpose of the Mine and Slash Reloaded mod is to fully rework the vanilla fight system of the sport, turning it into one thing extra intense than the same old battle within the recreation. In case you are pleased with the best way Minecraft is presently being fought, then this mod might be not for you, however should you suppose it is because of a redesign, Mine and Slash Reloaded ought to be proper in your facet road.

Mine and Slash Reloaded 1.14.4 is a mod that fully turns Minecraft right into a hack and slash recreation, and step one is to make sure that the sport revolves round loot loss and an up to date stat system that permits gamers to fine-tune their character. Construct in keeping with your preferences. The mod additionally provides ranges to all entities and requires gamers to assault, utilizing vitality as a useful resource and casting spells with mana. The entire numerous elements of the mod mix to create an thrilling and fast-paced fight expertise that may enable gamers to completely immerse themselves within the recreation as quickly as they grasp it.

Mine And Slash Minecraft Mod

Basically, Mine and Slash Reloaded is a particularly well-designed and creatively carried out mod that updates the battle in Minecraft and implements numerous methods that make the sport extra engaging.

Minecraft Hack Slash Mine Download

How to Install Mine and Slash Mod

  1. Download & Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download & Install Curios API
  3. Download Mine and Slash Mod
  4. Copy to .minecraftmods without extracting from the archive
  5. Start the game now and play!

Download Links for Minecraft 1.15.x / 1.14.x / 1.12.x

Hack/Mine is a total conversion mod for Minecraft which introduces a massive number of action-RPG gameplay elements. It includes procedurally generated content, such as sprawling dungeons and magical items, four selectable races, a completely customizableclass and spell system via Spellscript (an object-oriented scripting language), and much, much more. It was actively developed by Frizzil and featured in the Technic Launcher from 2012 until 2014. Over this period, the mod garnered over 5.3 million downloads and 12 million combined views on YouTube. However, the mod is no longer being actively developed and is pending a tentative open source release.


  • Technic Launcher, client only, pick yer version, automatic installation
  • Stable/Development Version, client and server v0.6.4.5, manual installation (instructions)

Report bugs with the Development version here!

A list of all Hack/Mine versions is provided on the patches page.

Cool Places

  • Official thread on the Minecraft forums. Check here for development updates.
  • A very official forum, courtesy of the Technic crew.
  • A short server list of amazing, high quality servers!

Minecraft Hack Slash Mine Download Pc

Wiki Community

If you've got time, be a part of the community! Take a moment to neaten up and professionalize existing articles, update the bugs list, upload images of the mod, or even just hang around the discussion pages (discussion links are on the top left of each page). Maintaining the wiki means that Frizzil doesn't have to, which allows him to devote more time to creating the mod.



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