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Mortal Kombat Mobile is designed by Warner Bros. The game has been implemented into many platforms. Here we will focus on mobile version. In Mortal Kombat , you will face different types of challenges. All of them are processed by 3v3 Kombat system. It’s not easy for new players to overcome all kinds of challenges and enjoy many other functions. In order to accomplish each battle perfectly and quickly, you should consider the way of Mortal Kombat Mobile Cheats.

More about Mortal Kombat


Although the game has been released for more than two years, the publisher keep adding new content to the game. So its popularity keep increasing daily, especially when Mortal Kombat 11 content plug into the update. Basically, you have to fight each battle by adding 3 favorite characters into your team. To have more character’s choices, you need try hard to unlock more than 130 characters in this game. As the game features very high quality visuals, you have to make sure your devices meet the game play requirement before you dive into Mortal Kombat.

Tips and Tricks for Mortal Kombat

Evey player wants to defeat their opponents completely and quickly. To stand out of them, you have to know how to play the game effectively. The most important thing in this game is collect more stronger characters into your team. Below we have summarized some helpful tricks and tips.

  • Pay attention to the fight back timing – It is always a good idea to keep tracking your opponents’ moves in the battle. You don’t have to rush to fight your opponent using your skills. Instead, you can wait and see how your opponent fight. Once you find the breakthrough point, give them your fight back. Usually, the best time to fight back is when your opponent stop their attacks.
  • Be familiar with your fighter’s skills – Each fighter in this game has their own unique skills. Once their energy bar is full, you can release the skill fighting. Knowing each character’s skill will cost you time. But you will eventually find it worth to do so. Because once you know their skills, you will know how to deal with them when you are facing it.
  • Collect more Koins and Souls – They are two important currencies in this game. You can use them to unlock new character and improve your character’s skill. Joining daily mission will earn you some Koins and Souls. Using Mortal Kombat Mobile hack is the most convenient way to collect resource so far.
  • Create more than one fighting team – You know everything can happen in this game. You don’t want to push you success into only one team – it is risky. You’d better create a send or third team to back up your main team. In case something bad happen, you always has another team to fight for you.


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By following our Mortal Kombat Mobile cheats and tips, you will discover how to play the game easily. Although it is not easy in the beginning, you will become more confident in each combat once you get used to the fighting system.

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