Requires Android 2.3+

Google Play Store Mod Apk, also called Play Store, is the official app store of Android, the platform of mobile.With Play Store, you can look and download a wide scope of Android applications, music, and live wallpapers.

Root Explorer is the best file managing software for rooted Android mobiles. The app is also rated one of the best feature oriented software for file managing, cache cleaning, Binary viewing and SQL Editing.

Root Explorer Pro: Managing files on Android is an important function that every user must follow. Once you start managing your files efficiently with, you can save your storage and speed up your phone in many ways. If you’ve rooted your Android mobile, chances are that you are waiting to exploit your phone in a safe manner. Root Explorer APK is the best file manager for Android with a ton of features that can be used securely. The app also has Root Explorer Pro APK – a premium version with all extra benefits. Download Root Explorer APK from below and start digging your phone’s deepest secrets.

Root Explorer works only with Android mobiles that are rooted and thus won’t work on iOS and Windows operating systems. The official app is not available on Google Play Store as most of the Android mobiles doesn’t recommend rooting the phone. So, if you are an Android enthusiast, download the latest version of Root Explorer App and turn your Android mobile into a powerful device. By using apps like WPS Connect, you can create WiFi subnetworks and penetrate into any network possible and use it for free. This is called WiFi cracking and is only possible with rooted android mobiles running Root Explorer.

Root Explorer Pro APK

Root Explorer has advanced features that will be useful to everyone who roots their Android mobile. As Android mobiles are generally rooted to increase speed, Root Explorer helps in achieving the necessary results. Root Explorer is also fast, secure and compatible with all the versions of Android operating systems. You can also hack Android games with our App which contributes to a easy and fun experience.

Root Explorer is the most advanced file Explorer developed for Android. Designed especially for users who use rooted Android mobiles, Root Explorer Pro allows us to view hidden Android system files. With Root Explorer APK, feel the power of your Android mobile and use it with extreme transparency. Also, edit secured/hidden Android files by downloading Root Explorer App below.

As Android OS is a widely used operating system by millions of users around the world, Root Explorer is compatible with almost all types of operating systems. By installing, RE on various devices, you can exploit more devices either for knowledge or for security tweaks. As of 2018, Root Explorer Pro APK is compatible with,

  • Android 2.3 and higher (Jellybean, KitKat, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo)
  • Windows 10/7/8/XP (Windows Vista, Ultimate)
  • iOS 10.0 and higher (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
  • MacOS (MacOSX, MacOS El captain)

Why Root Explorer?

When compared to other file managers that are compatible with rooted Android mobiles, Root Explorer App has the most number of features and it also supports almost all Android versions. As we are talking a lot about features, here are the useful features of Root Explorer App and Root Explorer Pro APK.


Root Explorer is a swift combination of advanced features with simple design UI. Even if you are beginner in roots and mods, our app will be your favourite because of these amazing features. Here’s what Root Explorer can do with your Android mobiles.

Create/Extract: Extract zip/tar/gzip files directly into your SD card. You can also create new zip files and manage space on your SD card. Just long press on a file to compress/extract. This will allow you to maintain compressed large files on your storage that can be unzipped whenever necessary.

Open multiple tabs: Open different files at the same time by opening multiple tabs just like you do in your internet browser. By opening different operations on different tabs, you can do product comparisons, lists and multitasking easily with your files. Multiple tabs will also help you to cut/copy/move/paste multiple files at the same time. This feature is one of it’s kind in File Managers when compared ES File Explorer or Magisk Manager.

SQLite database viewer: We know that you want to change how your Android mobile functions. But to change it, read it by viewing SQL database with Root Explorer. SQL Database is the most complicated code in an Android mobile that designs the basic functions of a mobile like RAM, Touch management, Storage etc. Root Explorer gives you the freedom to play with these features.

Cloud Support: Root Explorer allows you to upload your files directly to Google Drive, DropBox and Box servers. This means, you are always connected a cloud server via Root Explorer APK that gives you storage support even if your phone doesn’t have enough storage. This feature is very useful for people who store large number of photos and videos on their mobiles.

Made-in Text editor: Keep a note of all amazing things with inbuilt text editor. Just open, edit and save whenever and wherever you want. You can also random notes and save them on drive/storage easily. All the text files can be saved to your home screen so that you can open and edit the files whenever you want.

Execute scripts: Shell scripts are app/game files that contain important values that can change the structure and function of the app. By executing Shell and bash scripts via Root Explorer custom script panel, you can modify an APK to perform according to your wishes. So, bring out something extra from each app.

Binary XML viewer: XML files are important website/app files that maintain the structure and components. XML files will help understand the app better for a developer. So, if you are an enthusiastic Android developer, view/edit binary XML files of compatible files by using RE Menu. You can combine this feature with Test DPC -Device Policy controller, and create custom settings for each remote Android version.

Create path links: Root Explorer functions as a remote FTP tool that can create remote path links for specific files. This means that you can create a path link to a photo/video/document and save the link to access whenever needed. So, no more browsing through all files to find your most required files.

Create bookmarks: Just like an internet browser, Root Explorer APK can create Bookmarks for important files and folders. To access bookmarks, Swipe right on the app to access ‘Menu’. Select Bookmarks option to see all your required files. This feature is very helpful to jump to important things easily when you’re browsing other folders.

Share files directly: Share all photos, videos, documents, ZIP files, apps, games with more than 5 options. You can share your files via Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Social Media, WiFi Hotspot. Cloud sharing and third party API.

Mount permissions: Mobiles are the next generation computers and an important feature of computers is to mount a remote disk and get extra functionality. Root Explorer App gives you easy access to mount a remote disk like OTG Pen drive, USB and work on it easily.


Root Explorer APK Download

Root Explorer Pro must be installed only with an APK file. The app is not available on Google Play Store or any other app stores. So, please follow the download links below to download the latest version of Root Explorer. You can use this APK file to further install the app on Windows and MacOS using Android emulators. Please download the file from going to the relevant page and follow the installation instructions.

Size3.03 MB
CompatibleAndroid Phones, Tablets
RequiresAndroid 2.3+
File namerootexplorer.apk

How to install Root Explorer APK on Android?

Installing Root Explorer APK is very easy and the process is similar to installing any other APK file. In order to allow Android to install third party files, we need to first disable security settings. This also means that your phone can be vulnerable to other harmful apps that you download from the internet. So, keep a tab on your downloads. Follow these 3 simple steps to start installing Root Explorer Pro APK on your Android mobiles, tablets and Android TV Box.

  1. First, download Root Explorer APK latest version (Go to download page and get the APK file from MediaFire secure server).
  2. After downloading, go to Android Menu>Settings. Here, find the security settings where you can enable/disable third party installations.
  3. After going to Security settings, find the option ‘Allow app installations from unknown sources’ and tick the box beside it to enable third party apps.
  4. Now go to downloads folder and click on ‘rootexplorer.apk‘ file to start installation.

What’s New?


  1. Improved User Interface.
  2. Now supports Android 7.0 and higher.
  3. Bug fixes for Binary XML viewer.
  4. Support tab added for Usage Guides.


  1. Preference Tab added.
  2. Network (#SMB) option added for files.
  3. Move folders between multiple tabs.
  4. Minor UI improvements.


  1. Premium version support added.
  2. Share files with more available options.
  3. Bookmarks feature added.

How to use Root Explorer for Android?

Move files and folders: After installing the app, the basic function you will need is to Cut/Copy/Move/Paste a file. To do this, go to your required folder and choose a file. Then long press on the app to get more options. Here you will find View, Edit, Cut, Copy, Move, Paste, Share and other options. You can copy your files from one location to other using this feature.

Share Media: To share your photos, videos and media through Root Explorer, you can long press on an app and get options like Bluetooth, SHAREit, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. You can select whatever option to share with your friends.

Easy Menu Access: To go to Root Explorer Menu, swipe right or tap on the three dots icon on the top left of the app. Here, you can see Home, BookMarks, Recommend, Search, New, Preferences and About.

Pro version compatible: After installing Root Explorer, you can easily manage the premium versions of popular apps like MX Player Pro, Spotify Premium, VidMate Pro and many other apps.

How to hack games with Root Explorer Pro?

1) To hack games via any Android mobile, it is recommend to root the mobile/tablet before starting the hack process. We recommend you root your mobile using KingRoot, FramaRoot and other one click root apps. If you want to know how to use Root Explorer to hack Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Temple Run and other games, read further.

2) Once you root your mobile and install Root Explorer, download any game of your choice as APK file. Now, open Root Explorer Pro and long click on the App to get options.

Play Store Hack Apk Root Download

3) Here, click on ‘#Root tab’ to get all available root options. Depending on the compatibility of the APK file, you will get Binary XML/Custom scripting options. Select build.prop to get data structures of the game. Here, you will find pre requisite values of coins, points, ammo assigned to each task.

4) Change data values to your required values that will be reflected inside the game. So by using Root Explorer Pro APK, you can get extra game points, unlimited coins and more features.

Root Explorer vs Root Explorer Pro APK

View/Edit/Move FilesYESYES
Custom ScriptsNOYES
Cloud SupportYESYES
Mount via r/w or r/oYESYES
Binary XML ViewerNOYES
Download LinkClick HereClick Here

Download Root Explorer for PC (Windows, MacOS)

Windows is a widely used Computer operating system which makes it a hot favourite for Android enthusiasts who want to work on big things. If you are using Android Studio or any other Android development apps, you can easily configure them by using Android emulators and Root Explorer APK. An another benefit of using Root Explorer Pro version is that you can revisit your XML binary file to update any security patches for your self developed apps.

A good news for gamers is that we can now install hundreds of Android games on Windows computers. As PCs have more RAM and storage, there is a very good chance that your gaming experience will be maximised. Follow the below tutorial to download Root Explorer for PC and install it on computers running Windows 10/8/7/XP/Ultimate and Vista.

  1. Download Root Explorer Pro APK 2018 latest version.
  2. Then go to, and install BlueStacks Emulator for your 32 Bit/64 bit computer.
  3. After installing bluestacks.exe file, open the app and go to Menu options on the left side.
  4. Here, you will find ‘Upload APK’ option where you have to upload the Root Explorer APK file.
  5. Click on install to use the app within a few seconds.

Root Explorer Pro APK Download

There is a premium version of Root Explorer App available that has more features than the general version. Both the versions are free if you download from this website. However, Root Explorer Pro version may ask you for subscription while using some of it’s advanced features. Major features like Binary XML Viewer, Custom scripts execution, Game memory modification are available on Root Explorer APK free download that you can get below.

Raw Apk Google Play Store Apk Download

To install the app, you can follow the same instructions of any APK file. As this is also a third party file, go to settings>Security and enable the ‘Allow third party installations’ setting. Return to downloads and click on APK file to start installing. We’ve received recent reports of compatibility issues and bugs in Root Explorer Pro version, which is why we recommend to download the latest version 5.1.1 on your Android 2.3+ and higher devices.


How to use Root Explorer without rooting?

To use the app without rooting your device, download Root Explorer No Root APK which is a lite version of the regularly downloaded version. This won’t have any advanced features and can be used for basic file managing operations.

How to mount Root Explorer as r/w ?

Root Explorer can change root permissions of remote drives attached to the device. So to mount any drive as read/write operative, mount the drive to your Root Explorer device and click on options. Here, select ‘Permissions’ and change the drive rules to ‘r w rr‘ or any custom rules you want to perform on the mounted drive.

What is Root Explorer No Root?

Root Explorer No Root APK is a regular and lite version of original app that can be installed on all non rooted Android devices. Also remember that you will have no access to game hacks, XML viewer and other advanced options that will be only available once you root your device.

How to fix Root Explorer not working?

If Root Explorer APK is not working on your device, chances are that your device is not rooted. If your device is rooted and you are still not able to run the app, follow these steps.

  • Go to settings and check the Android version to see if you are running Android 4.4 and higher.
  • Install SuperSU and check if you have all device permissions.
  • Root your phone manually via USB Debugging and try installing Root Explorer again.

How to enable Root Explorer option from settings?


You can install Root Explorer Pro APK file easily by changing the security settings on your device. See full installation steps here.

How to uninstall Root Explorer on Android?

To uninstall Root Explorer, close all operating tabs of the app and go to settings>Apps. Here, you can disable/clear cache/uninstall the app. You can also simply hold the app icon and drag it to the top of the screen to uninstall directly.

How to root android phone with Root Explorer?

Root Explorer is only an Android file managing software that will work only on rooted devices. So, root via One Click Root Apps (KingRoot, FramaRoot) and then install Root Explorer Pro APK to get full features.

Have more queries? Ask us anything from our contact page and also share Root Explorer App with your friends.

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