Priiloader updated to v0.9.1 and updated hackshash for WiimmFi v4. Updated the version of Priiloader (and hacks) that get installed to Emulated NANDs to v0.9.1 (from v0.7 neek mod). Also added note when installing Priiloader to an EmuNAND that it is bypassed in neek2o rev 93-96. USB Loader GX updated to v3.0 r1272 mod v6.

  1. Download the file(s). Extract the HacksHash.ini file and put it into the root of Priiloader. Boot up Priiloader by holding down the power button and the reset button at the same time. When you're in the Priiloader menu go down to the bottom of the menu until you see 'System Menu Hacks' or something like that and click on it.
  2. Download the from the attachment and extract it onto your SD card; Open the Homebrew Channel, start the Priiloader 0.9 beta3 installer. Then press '+' on the Wiimote (or 'A' on the Gamecube Controller) to install the Priiloader. When it is installed, press A to return to the Homebrew Channel, then turn your console off.
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Hacking Modding Nerd: Install the Homebrew Channel on Nintendo Wii Menu Version 4.3 (Easier & Updated)


Release Priiloader V0.9 · DacoTaco/priiloader · GitHub

NEVER Update Your Wii Thru Nintendo!

Priiloader - Wii Guide

My Website
My Facebook Page…

You will need:
Standard SD Card, Up to 2GB, SDHC Cards will NOT work

Format SD Card (FAT32)
If you have issues formatting, Download and use SD Formatter:…

Use WinRar to extract archive files:

System Menu 4.3E/4.3U, Indiana PWNS or Smash Stack 4.3U/4.3J

1. Download…
2. Extract and Copy to sd
Use Indiana PWNS or Smash Stack
Option 1 – Indiana PWNS, Works with 4.3E/4.3U
1. Play Lego Indiana Jones Original. Start a new game, then exit to System Menu.
2. Go to wii settings, data management, save games, wii, SD
3. Click SD, copy Indiana PWNS for your region
4. Play Lego Indiana Jones original, load save game slot 1
When the game loads, you will be in Barnett College. Walk to the Art Room (through the Courtyard), approach the left character on the podium. When it zooms on him, choose the switch to option (two silhouettes, staggered, with an arrow pointing between them).
Hackmii Installer Loads

Smash Stack – Works with 4.3U/4.3J
4.3J (Japan) Wiis, Download…
1. Load Super Smash Bros Brawl, with SD Card removed, make a save file if asked
2. Go to the Stage Builder, Delete all Custom Stages, Exit the stage builder
3. Exit all the way back to the Super Smash Bros Brawl main menu
4. Insert the SD Card, Go back to Stage Builder
HackMii Installer loads

Read the Scam warning and Press 1
It may take a minute or two for the “Press 1” to appear – be patient
2. Install the HomeBrew Channel
DVDX installs automaticly
3. Install Bootmii as boot2 (boot2 may not be available, IOS installs automatically)
Exit to the Homebrew Channel


Format the SD Card (not optional)
1. Download…
2. Extract & Copy to SD Card

Warning: Never Uninstall IOS, You Will Brick Your Wii
1. Start HBC, Press Home, Launch Bootmii
Multi-Mod Manager Starts (via cboot2)
2. Select WAD Manager – Press A
3. Press 1 to Install all WADs – Press A
All wads should install without error
4. Press any button to continue
Be sure all the WADs install without error, Very Important
5. Press B two times – MMM Main Menu
Warning: Never Uninstall IOS, You Will Brick Your Wii

Press B two times- main menu
You should now be at the main menu of Multi-Mod Manager
1. Select “App Manager” – Press A
2. Select Priiloader – Press A
Priiloader Installer will load
3. Read the warning- Hold B Press +/A to install
After priiloader installs, it may give error or freeze- this is ok
4. Hold reset and boot wii while holding reset- priiloader will load
5. Select “System Menu Hacks”- Press A
6. Enable “Block Disk Updates”, and “Block Online Updates” and others if you like
7. Be sure to save
If MMM loads at boot, select Manage Priiloader, Edit Priiloader Hacks, enable needed hacks.
If you don’t know what the hack does – you don’t need it.
Your wii should now block Disk Udates and Online Updates.

Install DARKCORP (Optional)
DARKCORP enables backup disks to be loaded from the regular Wii Disk Channel, without using a loader.
Newer Wii’s Do Not Support DVD Media, This Will Not Fix This Limitation.
Download & Install…

Install MIOS Patcher (Optional)
MIOS Patcher enables backup Gamecube disks to be loaded
1. install MIOS Patcher from HBC
*You will NEED a Gamecube Controller

Format your SD Card, one last time
Download:… to sd:

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Now you have some apps on your SD Card, Enjoy. Included apps: Homebrew Browser, MPlayer CE, NeoGamma, GC Backup Launcher and USB Loader GX. All apps install to the SD Card, or optionally you can install them to a fat32 formatted USB device. Apps should be installed like this: sd:appsapp nameboot.dol otherwise they wii NOT work.

Download Apps, Emulators and Games:

Download Wii Games:

Download Gamecube Games:

WBFS Manager (Copy Wii Games to a WBFS Format USB Device)

ImgBurn (Burn Wii or Gamecube Games to DVD-R Disk)…
(I recomend Memorex DVD-R or Incremental-Verbatim DVD-R)

< Priiloader
  • 1Intro To the hash hacks
  • 3Description of hacks

Intro To the hash hacks

The hash hacks method is a method of applying hacks only available in priiloader 0.6 or has its pro's and con's over the preloader method. these are :


  • the hacks will work on any region
  • 1 hack is possible to run on -all- system menu versions


  • more complicated
  • more writing work

Pre-Compiled Hacks download

The newest version can be found at: An archive of the older hacks is here: File:Priiloader

Description of hacks

Disable HAXX,DVDX,RZDx checks

Prevents deletion of The Homebrew Channel, DVDX and Zelda savegames (Twilight Hack?), which was introduced in System Menu 4.2. Therefore the hack is only existant for 4.2/4.3.

Replace Health Screen with Backmenu

No longer displays black/white health warning screen, so no need to press A, it will go straight to the channels screen.

Block Disc Updates

Games with newer versions of the system menu/IOSs than what you have installed will not force you to update. Useful for staying on your current system menu and playing the most recent games without having to update.

Block Online Updates

Trying to update your system online will error, useful for staying on your current system menu and playing the most recent games without having to update.

Priiloader Install

No System Menu Sounds AT ALL

Mutes the System Menu completely. No background music or sounds.

No System Menu Background Music

Disables the soft background music the System Menu plays.

Wiimmfi Patch vX

This hack will patch all games to work with Wiimmfi when run through the disc channel, making running the patcher from the HBC redundant.

Move Disc Channel

You can move the disc channel around like any other channel by holding A+B with this hack.

Force Disc Games to run under IOS249

Forces all disc games to run under IOS249 (which is usually cIOS).

Region Free Channels

Allows you to boot channels from another region.

Priiloader Hacks Download Free

Remove Diagnostic Disc Check

Allows you to boot a regular game through the recovery menu.

Region Free Wii Games

Removes the integrated region check. You'll be able to play imports this way.

Priiloader Hacks Download Mac

Region free GC Games (No VM Patch)

Removes the integrated region check for Gamecube games.

Remove NoCopy Protection

Allows you to copy any save file, normally some save files were not able to be copied to the SD card.

Lock System Menu with Black Screen

Self explanatory.

OSReport(fwrite) to UsbGecko

a patch often used to debug the system menu.this will redirect all the system menu debug info to a USBGecko in memory card slot B.

Re-enable Bannerbomb v2

Priiloader Installer Download

Disables the error 004 from system menu 4.3 when bannerbomb is detected making bannerbomb work again. this is 4.3 only

See Full List On

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