Shaiya Patcher Tool. Shaiya Patcher by RebeccaBlack. Shaiya Patcher has multiple hacks & exploits ( my favorite tool so far ). This tool cames up with;. Anti-Freeze Patch. Market Everywhere. Wall Climb Hack. Shaiya Patcher Download.

Step 1: Install no GameGuard patch.
  • If you haven't already, run the auto patcher and let Shaiya update to the latest version. Then download and extract the 4 files contained in the attached patch ( into the Shaiya folder (C:/AeriaGames/Shaiya/ by default). Double click on the file named Apply.GG.patch and a black window should pop up telling you there were a few changes made. Close this window then start Shaiya normaly.
    If the window says something about a CRC mismatch, then you probably have either a different client version than what this patch supports (please let me know if this is the case), or you have a modified client.
    *GameGuard will still load, but is deactivated.

Shaiya Hack Tool V3.2.1 Download

Step 3: Download attached shaiya.lua, and save it into MicroMacro's scripts folder. Modify shaiya.lua to fit your character. You mustHack edit the HOTKEYS section (near the top) to be the same as the hotkeys you use in-game.
Step 4:

Shaiya Hack Download Pc

Open Shaiya and log in.
Step 5:

Shaiya Hack Download Roblox

Open micromacro.exe, type in 'shaiya.lua' (without quotes), press enter.

Shaiya Hack Download Minecraft

DownloadStep 6: Go back to Shaiya, and press

Shaiya Hack Download Free

INSERT to start botting.

Shaiya Hack Download

It doesn't work too well with any mage class (as they aren't very good at soloing).
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