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Jun 4th, 2013
Simpsons tapped out donut hack no download
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Simpsons Tapped Out Hack Download

  1. Published on 2013
  2. Use the updated link to download the file, there will now be 74 updates instead of 71.
  3. There is a new file to download so DO NOT type the link in the video use the link below.
  4. In this tutorial I will show you how to install the old items hack for the Simpsons Tapped Out in to Bluestacks on a Mac or PC. Just follow my instructions and it should work as long as your computer meets the minimum requirements for bluestacks.
  5. This hack will get you ALL of the old promotional items, and make donuts come out of your buildings. WARNING: DO NOT ABUSE THE DONUTS ONLY GET 10,000 AT A TIME, IF YOUR ACCOUNT GETS BANNED I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE!!! Just follow along with the tutorial and by the end you will be enjoying all of the old promotional items, and unlimited free donuts. If you sign into your normal version or the regular hack after using this hack then any buildings that were due to pay out before you left the donut version will still give you donuts but only once. After that they just give money and xp. You will also have snow on some of the buildings, but not on the ground, and you can purchase debris from the land expansion area. Again PLEASE do NOT abuse the donuts, I would really hate for you to lose your Springfield.
  6. You can download the file need from the following DOWNLOAD and INSTALL:
  7. Download From Here --------------------------
  8. Download From Here ---------------------------
  9. Any and all contributions really help right now so I accept donations for my work through
  10. Download From Here --------------------------
  11. Download From Here ---------------------------
  12. Just click on the link and it will take you to Paypal where you can contribute whatever amount you would like.
  13. For instructions on how to unlock The Talking Krusty Doll, Black Hole, and Devil Flanders please watch my tutorial here: DOWNLOAD and INSTALL:
  14. Download From Here ---------------------------
  15. Download From Here ---------------------------
  16. Snow on some of the buildings, Free Donuts, The Purchase of Debris, Thanksgiving Balloons, Shamrock Topiary, Christmas Light For the Houses, Mapple Store, Duff Racer, Cool Brown House + Cool Homer, Springfield Cemetery, Mausoleum, Pet Cemetery, Marge's Cauldron + Witch Marge, Devil Flanders, Heck House, Super Colider, Black Hole, The Raven, Burns Monster, Talking Krusty Doll, Ray Gun, Mayan Calendar, House of Evil, Bad Dream House, Fruit-Bat-Signal + Fruit-Bat-Man, Wishing Well + Leprechaun, O'Flanagan's Pub + Tom O'Flanagan, Gorgeous Grandpa + Billboard, Holiday Tree, Mr. Plow, Santa's Village, Homer Snowman, Bart Snowman, Reindeer, Shauna, Sir Putts A Lot, Howard's Flowers, Cherub Topiary, Valentines Pond, Cozy Hammock, Valentines Tree, Rose Bush,Rose Arch, Love Planter, Mayan God, Mayan Homer
  17. Thanks again for watching and for all of your support!
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Simpsons Tapped Out Donut Hack Download

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