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Step-by-step instructions for a local install of SSW on macOS

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  1. Install IDL. Odds are you can obtain a license through your home institution.
    • If installing with a site license (i.e. you need to authenticate over the network) set the following environment variable in your bash profile,
    • For some unknown reason, you also need to create the file $HOME/.flexlmrc as above
    • If you are licensing through some other means, these steps may not apply.
  2. Install the latest version of XQuartz. As of macOS 10.12 (Sierra), XQuartz 2.7.11, and IDL 8.5, there is a bug that will cause IDL to crash when opening any widget windows. Follow the instructions here for a quick 'hack' to fix this.
  3. Follow the instructions for creating your SSW install script. Once you've selected all of the needed packages, download SSW using the provided install script. It is best to just place the whole tree in $HOME/ssw.
  4. Copy sswidl.sh into $HOME/.local/bin/sswidl.
    • Create .local/bin if it does not exist already.
    • Adjust the instrument list according to the packages you checked in your SSW install.
    • You may also need to run $ chmod u+x $HOME/.local/bin/sswidl to make this script executable.
  5. Add the following line to your .bash_profile,
  6. Copy startup_idl.pro to $HOME/.startup_idl.pro. Again adjusting the packages added to your path according to the list of instruments and packages you downloaded.
  7. Run $ source .bash_profile to update all of your environment variables. You should now be able to call sswidl to start up a command line SSW session or sswidl -g (or sswidl --gui) to start up the full IDL GUI.
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