Streets of Rage fans, here is something for you today. Kratus has released a brand new version of his free Streets of Rage project, Streets of Rage 2X. In case you weren’t aware of, Streets of Rage 2X is a remake of SOR2 with upgraded visuals, 4 player co-op, improved enemy AI and unlockable characters.

The original Streets of Rage made a successful transition from the Genesis to the Game Gear. Complete with simultaneous two-player, two-fisted action, Streets of Rage 2 is now poised to make its own small-screen debut. Don't look for any complex story lines here, it's just pure, nonstop fighting action!

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Word on the Street

It's a year after Blaze and Axel rid the streets of Mr. X and his evil crime syndicate. Now Mr. X seeks vengeance by kidnapping their friend, Adam. This time the objective isn't just to rid the streets of criminal scum...this time it's personal!

Link up with a friend for two-player, simultaneous action (via a Gear-to-Gear cable), or go solo in this sidescrolling slugfest. Five treacherous levels jam-packed with all types of goons and thugs block your way to the final showdown with Mr. X. The large, sharp graphics ensure that you feel every punch, slam, and slap.

Several changes had to be made to size this Genesis game down to Game Gear parameters. For instance, you are only able to choose among Blaze, Axel, and Skate (Adam's been abducted, remember?), and their moves have been simplified in comparison to their Genesis repertoire. Each hero still has different strengths and weaknesses, though, including power, technique, speed, jump, and stamina. Each one can also punch, jump, jump kick, flip opponents, and use one specialized move. For example, Axel launches into a whirlwind, six-hit flurry of punches topped with a spinning uppercut. It's easy to activate the fight moves, and all the on-screen action responds to the silky smooth controls.

The game's challenge is variable, with an option menu that enables you to choose among Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty levels, and one to five players per life. With each continue, you can restart with a different character. Additional help is available in the form of power-ups hidden throughout each level, including extra players, health units, and weapons (knives, steel bars, and so on).

Hand-Held Mayhem


Streets of Rage 2 is a handful of fighting fun. If you enjoyed the original, you'll love this sequel. Crisp graphics, nonstop fighting action, and the ability to customize the game's difficulty make this cart accessible to gamers of all calibers. See you on the streets!


  • Blaze's fireballs don't span the entire length of the screen. It does take extra time to launch her fireballs, so move to a safe distance before you shoot.
  • Jam opponents offscreen, then continuously swing the crowbar at them when they try to reenter the screen.
  • Power-ups are usually hidden In background Items along the top of the screen.
  • Adam can't move while he's executing his special move. Stand in a safe area with all your enemies in front of you before you activate it.

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Overall rating: 8
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