Sudden Attack SEA charm 2014.bypass Xigncod3. There is a hack names charms for SASEA and is still working as of March 2014. It is an old hack for SASEA.

Sudden Attack Sea Free Wall Hack December 2014

  • For those that do not know what is this, this is also known as SUDDEN ATTACK SEA WALLHACK! Latest working hack for the month of August! Below are the screenshot of the version 4! New features: – Simple user interface – New settings – Upgraded dll scambling – Stealth Injection (Select this if you experience hack detection constantly).
  • 9.Open Sudden Attack launcher and login! Note:If the above steps does not work, then after running the cleaner tool don't open the injector first, instead open Sudden Attack launcher and type in your username and password then setup the injector and press login.

Download Injector:Download Here
Download Fraps.dll:Download Here
Lets start how to make wall hack / chams at Sudden Attack Sea 2014.

1. U must have Pendrive

2.u must Download perx injector and fraps
Just Click perx injector Or fraps and wait 5 seconds and skip ad 100%free

1. Extract perx injector and fraps
2.Put perx injector and fraps in your pendrive
*remember do not put perx injector and fraps in folder...
if u put this 2 thing in folder the hack will not working

3.Open your Sa then put your id and password....but do not click login yet
4.then insert your pendrive and open perx injector and type suddenattack.exe at (what to inject)...
then tick automatically at (how to inject)
then click browse and click fraps...after that you must close the tab of your pendrive and click login
5.Then join room as fast as possible or your hack will detect
when you just join any room click insert and choose any colour of hack you want
and wall will working
Sudden Attack (SEA) VIP Hacks 2014

These are VIP Hacks for Sudden Attack SEA and is working as of June 2014. These hacks are coded by the Gam3Raid3rs Team and XignCode3 bypass is provided by dxtpheonix79. The hacks include:

F1 -Wallhack (Rectangle around body/display full body)

F2a (Basic/Veteran package) -Aimbot (Head/body)
F2b (Advanced package) -Aimbot+ (Head/body/neck)

F3a (Basic package) -Speedhack (Available speed ranges 1.2x - 2.0x)
F3b (Veteran/Advanced package) - Speedhack+ (Available speed ranges 1.2x -8.0x)

F4 -Display hack (Allows you to display enemy name/health above the enemy (like using a Scouter on enemies, can be used as a wallhack)
F5 -Antikick hack (Removes your name from the kick and report list)

F6 -Superbullet hack (Kill enemies through walls)

F7 -*NEW* Easy-glitch (Temporarily decreases game performance *10fps* for easier glitching)

-Infinite ammo (Unlimited Front Magazine)

-Weapon hack (Does not add weapons to your inventory, it replaces your equipped weapon [For example: M16], into your desired weapon [For example: AK-47 (ISR)])

-Character hack (Does not add character skins to your inventory, it changes your equipped character [For example: Basic Red/Blue], into your desired character [For example: Santa Set])

-Custom crosshairs (Add custom crosshairs to the screen!)

Recent Changes:
-Added Easy-glitch to Advanced hacks
-Updated to be compatible with a newer version of XignCode3
-Due to the lack of users purchasing the Veteran hacks, Speedhack+ is now available for Veteran packages
-Added neckline for Aimbot to Advanced hacks for massive damage with random headshots, less suspicious
-Added a few more custom crosshairs
-Added speed ranges of 2.2-8.0x to Advanced hacks, introducing Speedhack+
-Added custom crosshairs to all packages as requested by some users
-Fixed gun reloading crash when using infinite ammo (Reload button disabled when using infinite ammo)
-Added Superbullet hack on Advanced hacks as requested by many users
-Fixed Weapon/Character hack sometimes crashing the game
Sudden Attack Sea Hack Download*17-1-2014
-Added Antibalance hack on Advanced hacks
-Slight bug fixes regarding rare chance of failure to bypass XignCode3
-Added ability to switch hotkeys
-Added full support for XignCode3
-Added beta support for XignCode3
-Weapon hack introduced to Veteran/Advanced packages
-Character Hack introduced to Advanced package
-Bug fixes that caused Sudden Attack to crash sometimes when activating with hotkeys
-Added hotkeys support
-Slight bug fixes
-Public release
-Added Basic and Veteran packages for cheap access to our hacks
-Antikick hack introduced
-Beta release

***Updated to have full compatibility for XignCode3***

This hack works on:
-Windows XP SP2+ (32-Bit)
-Windows Vista (32/SP1+ 64-Bit)
-Windows 7 (32/64-Bit)
-*Windows 8/8.1 (32/64-Bit)

*Might not work without full admin access

Interested in the hack?
Prices for the packages are listed below; and may subject to change without notice.

Basic hacks - RM50/20SGD (Wallhack, aimbot, speedhack+, weapon hack, custom crosshairs)
Advanced hacks -RM70/30SGD (All the stated hacks)
Payment methods:

-MOL: Send us a total amount of cash in MOLPoints, including the serial number and pin number. If you did not send in the exact amount of cash, you will be reminded to send in the correct amount.
Payment email address: [email protected]

-Paypal: If you prefer paying via Paypal, a 10% fee is applied to make up for the fees (e.g. RM30 > RM33), if you did not send in enough cash, the cash will be refunded until you insert the correct amount.
Payment email address: [email protected]

-For further information, please email to [email protected]

Sudden Attack 3

-70% of the cash goes to the SASEA hack team, the developers for the hack software.

For any questions, please refer to our FAQ below.

Note: After confirming your purchase, the SASEA hack team will send the hack within 1-3 days, if you didn't receive the hack within this period of time, the hack is probably down and you can keep the cash for yourself, we wont take it.
WARNING: This hack does not prevent you from getting banned, use it at your own risk! We will NOT be responsible for any loss of your Sudden Attack account. It is recommended to use with a newly created account or the newly introduced BOT modes.

1. Is this hack permanent?
-Yes, as long as we are able to keep it updated, you may use it as long as you want. If the hack got patched and we are unable to keep it updated, we will consider a refund if the product has been purchased for no longer than 21 days. MOL/@Cash purchases will be refunded via in-game currency, while PayPal purchases will be refunded fully on PayPal.

Sudden Attack 2

2. I have questions regarding the hack.
-If you can't get the hack to work, you may ask for technical assistance from [email protected] as we are not the ones who coded the hack.

3. Can I purchase the products via @Cash?
-We did not include @Cash payment since it is not easy to obtain specific amounts. If you really want to pay via @Cash, please email to [email protected]

4. How about Credit/Debit card payments?
-We do not want to be found selling hacks for Asiasoft games as a heavy fine will be given to whoever is doing so, therefore we cannot accept Credit/Debit card payments. Please consider linking your card to a PayPal account if you want to do so.

Sudden Attack Game

5. The hack is detected by my Antivirus program!
-The hack is completely virus-free, rest assured. Antivirus programs might consider it as a threat since it modifies another program, which is Sudden Attack. Please try to disable your antivirus program before launching the hack if you have issues using the hacks.

Sudden Attack Sea Hack Download Full

6. Do I need to use injectors on this hack?

Sudden Attack Sea Hack Download Torrent

-No injectors are required. The hack is a separate program from the game, modifying it as a third-party program. You can activate hacks in-game via hotkeys.
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