Tinder Plus Apk is the most popular “dating” app world-wide. It is widely used by teenagers and other age groups to meet new friends and date them. According to Tinder, there are over 30 billion matches to date already and 26 million matched daily. The success behind the major popularity of this application is that it helps you connect with a real person who shares common interests. The application requires paid purchases to increase the limit of daily Swipe Right and Super Like.

Tinder App Apk Info

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Install the Tinder latest version 11.5.0 of the application which helps you get unlimited Swipe Right and Super Likes. Before you download it check out the technical specifications and compatibility of the app.

NameTinder Plus APK
34 MB
April 28, 2021
Android Version
5.0 and up

To learn more about Tinder and its features read below.

Bug’s FIXED In This Tinder Pro Apk

If you have used earlier versions of this application then you may have faced few issues. Now all the below-listed bugs have been fixed:

  1. Screen frame lag issue.
  2. App freezing on lower android versions.
  3. Automatic sign-out.
  4. With other few minor fixes.

Match, Chat, Date New People On Tinder

Being the world’s hottest app and 26 million matches per day, Tinder has over 100 million downloads on Google Play and still counting. With quality service and real people, it attracts a lot of users.

Tinder is a global application which means it goes with you wherever you go. You can also find your date in other cities, states or other countries.

Using this app is pretty simple. After the successful installation of the app, launch it and create an account. Enter details for example name, bio, images, interests, etc. Once you are into the application, just Swipe Right pictures you like and Swipe Left you don’t.

When the same person also Swipe Right you from his/her account then it’s a MATCH.

Congratulations! A new chat box will open for both of you where you can chat, exchange numbers and know more each other.

Tinder Paid Plans

Tinder offers few paid plans for its users so that they can take the benefit of the app most. Subscriptions are offered for a period of 1-month, 6-month and 12-month. Current Tinder Plus subscription price starts at

  • $9.99 USD/month for Plus subscription
  • $14.99 USD/month for Gold subscription

Prices are in US dollars and may vary depending on your country. No refund is allowed for the cancellation of an active subscription.

If you don’t choose to purchase Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you can simply install Tinder plus apk and enjoy all the pro features.

Download Tinder Plus Apk for Android

No need to purchase any plans to upgrade your app for additional features. This Tinder gold apk offers many top-notch features that you will definitely love. With this apk you can experience Tinder like Plus or Gold members.

What are you waiting for, download it now and start dating!

Some quick features of this application are:

  1. Unlimited Super Likes
  2. Unlimited free swipes with no daily limit
  3. Boost your Profile
  4. APK for lifetime
  5. Safe to use.
  6. Get Gold and Plus access.
  7. Rewind Last Swipe Unlocked
  8. View picture of who liked you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tinder GOLD apk available on Google Play?

No, it is not available on play store as it modified app with unlocked plus features.

How can I download Tinder Plus mod apk for free?

Tinder plus hack apk 2018 download full

To get Tinder plus or gold access you have to pay money, it’s not free. Or you can directly download Tinder apk and enjoy all plus features.

Is Tinder safe to use?

Yes, Tinder is safe to use. Many people use Tinder application globally. The app keeps your data secure and maintains privacy. For additional safety features visit Settings of the app.

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Do I need to root my device before installing Tinder + APK?

No root is required.

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Some Useful Links

Official Website: https://tinder.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tinder_india/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tinder


Once you install Tinder apk on your android device you get access to features like Unlimited Swipe Right, Swipe Left, Super Like, No Ads, etc. Install this latest version of Tinder plus today and start making matches.

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Tinder is an application that connects users to the Tinder social network, helping them get together with the people they like.
Read more about Tinder

Tinder allows people to meet complete strangers who have things in common with them. The basic principle is very simple. You browse through a list of people that match the criteria that you define. If you like someone, and they like your back, then you can start a chat and maybe meet them in the real world. One the primary uses for Tinder is to act as a dating app, although its makers don’t want to call it that. The application is easy to use, and setting up the profile will take just a few minutes. It also helps that the only way to log in the app is with a Facebook account. Tinder doesn’t post on Facebook, but it does import a lot of data from there, so building the personal profile is done with haste.


  • Meet new and interesting people
  • Connect Tinder with Facebook
  • Build a profile in just a few minutes
  • Find people that you like with ease

What's new in Tinder APK 10.0.0:

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For more information on downloading Tinder to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.

Other Tinder APK versions (107):

  • Tinder 12.10.02021-06-11
  • Tinder 12.8.02021-05-18
  • Tinder 12.7.02021-05-04
  • Tinder 12.6.02021-04-16
  • Tinder 12.5.02021-04-07
  • Tinder 12.3.02021-03-10
  • Tinder 12.2.02021-02-24
  • Tinder 12.1.22021-02-11
  • Tinder 12.0.12021-01-29
  • Tinder 11.30.12020-12-17
  • Tinder 11.29.02020-11-25
  • Tinder 11.28.02020-11-12
  • Tinder 11.27.02020-10-29
  • Tinder 11.26.02020-10-14
  • Tinder 11.25.02020-10-01
  • Tinder 11.24.02020-09-17
  • Tinder 11.23.02020-09-03
  • Tinder 11.22.02020-08-18
  • Tinder 11.20.02020-07-24
  • Tinder 11.19.02020-07-10
  • Tinder 11.18.02020-06-25
  • Tinder 11.17.02020-06-11
  • Tinder 11.16.02020-06-03
  • Tinder 11.15.02020-05-19
  • Tinder 11.14.02020-04-29
  • Tinder 11.13.02020-04-20
  • Tinder 11.12.02020-03-31
  • Tinder 11.10.12020-03-09
  • Tinder 11.10.02020-03-04
  • Tinder 11.9.02020-02-20
  • Tinder 11.8.12020-02-12
  • Tinder 11.7.02020-01-23
  • Tinder 11.6.02019-12-27
  • Tinder 11.5.02019-12-11
  • Tinder 11.2.12019-11-03
  • Tinder 10.23.12019-09-13
  • Tinder 10.22.02019-09-08
  • Tinder 10.21.02019-08-16
  • Tinder 10.16.02019-06-03
  • Tinder 10.15.12019-05-26
  • Tinder 10.15.02019-05-19
  • Tinder 10.14.12019-05-11
  • Tinder 10.8.12019-02-28
  • Tinder 10.8.02019-02-27
  • Tinder 10.7.02019-02-12
  • Tinder 10.6.02019-01-29
  • Tinder 10.5.02019-01-16
  • Tinder 10.4.22019-01-03
  • Tinder 10.4.12018-12-21
  • Tinder 10.4.02018-12-18
  • Tinder 10.3.02018-12-05
  • Tinder 10.2.12018-12-02
  • Tinder 10.2.02018-11-28
  • Tinder 10.1.02018-11-07
  • Tinder 10.0.12018-10-26
  • Tinder 9.12.02018-10-10
  • Tinder 9.11.22018-10-03
  • Tinder 9.11.12018-09-26
  • Tinder 9.10.02018-09-12
  • Tinder 9.8.12018-09-05
  • Tinder 9.7.02018-08-16
  • Tinder 9.6.12018-08-07
  • Tinder 9.5.02018-08-01
  • Tinder 9.4.12018-07-22
  • Tinder 9.4.02018-07-18
  • Tinder 9.3.02018-07-04
  • Tinder 9.2.02018-06-21
  • Tinder 9.1.02018-06-06
  • Tinder 9.0.02018-05-23
  • Tinder 8.13.12018-05-15
  • Tinder 8.13.02018-05-10
  • Tinder 8.12.02018-04-25
  • Tinder 8.11.22018-04-13
  • Tinder 8.10.42018-04-05
  • Tinder 8.9.02018-03-16
  • Tinder 8.8.02018-02-28
  • Tinder 8.7.22018-02-23
  • Tinder 8.6.22018-02-09
  • Tinder 8.6.12018-02-01
  • Tinder 8.5.02018-01-17
  • Tinder 8.4.12017-12-21
  • Tinder 8.4.02017-12-20
  • Tinder 8.3.02017-12-08
  • Tinder 8.2.22017-12-06
  • Tinder 8.2.12017-12-03
  • Tinder 8.2.02017-11-29
  • Tinder 8.1.12017-11-12
  • Tinder 8.1.02017-11-08
  • Tinder 8.0.12017-10-16
  • Tinder 8.0.02017-10-12
  • Tinder 7.6.02017-09-24
  • Tinder 7.5.22017-09-13
  • Tinder 7.4.02017-08-11
  • Tinder 7.3.12017-07-24
  • Tinder 7.3.02017-06-29
  • Tinder 7.2.12017-06-22
  • Tinder 7.2.02017-06-09
  • Tinder 7.1.02017-05-26
  • Tinder 6.10.02017-04-10
  • Tinder 6.8.42017-03-15
  • Tinder 6.8.02017-02-05
  • Tinder 6.5.12016-11-16
  • Tinder 6.4.12016-11-02
  • Tinder 6.1.22016-10-24
  • Tinder 6.1.02016-10-18
  • Tinder 6.0.32016-10-14
  • Tinder 5.5.02016-09-14
New in Tinder 10.0.0:Read the full changelog

selected version:

Tinder 10.0.0 (OLD) get current version instead (12.10.0)

Tinder Plus Hack Apk 2018 Download Full

25.5 MB
API Minimum:
19 - Android 4.4-4.4.4 (KitKat)
API Target:
25 - Android 7.1 (Nougat)
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