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Vclip Mod Apk Download

Version 2.0
Update on 15/July/2018
VClip version 2.0 is more stable and steady and it comes with good functionality and nice design:
Efficient and fast responsive editor for selecting frames range and viewing playback before encoding:
VClip editor implements a nice ticklish range selector control for video range selection.
Mute option for saving videos with silence:
VClip 2.0 is dpi-aware application , it scales nicely on high resolution and scaled screen.
Showing recording area dimension in the titlebar:
Performance benchmarks monitor:
This benchmarks tool measures the smoothness of the recording process the more low/liner/pattern pulse line the more smoothness is the video result, also this tool indicate the number of dropped frames (frames not recorded in exact precious time, in this case the pulse line goes up the edge) and the tool shows the average, minimum and maximum speed of capturing and writing frames in milliseconds. The quality of recording depends on the hardware capability, the size of the recording area and the stability of the system while recording, like how much busy is the system running software and background tasks (notice the above gif example, the pulse line is high/jumpy/unpattern and has 1 dropped frame due to runing 2 screen recorders at the same time gifcam & vclip to generate the gif example , also the machine hardware I used for this task is not capable enough for this task). I wrote this tool internally while trying to boost the capturing performance, then I decided to add it in version 2.0 release, as any benchmarks tool it has its own overhead, but anyway I hope you find it helpful :)
Adding a list of all VCLip supporters in the About window:

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