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Have you been following the news about the release of Warface and the development of Warface hacks? This first-person shooter hasn’t made it to the United States yet, though major efforts have been made to bring it to the North American and European markets. It’s a free-to-play title with everything you love in a military FPS, without the high purchase price or monthly subscription fees you’ve come to expect from the best games in the genre. It’s no surprise that there’s already a Warface multihack out there, either. Players in Russia, South Korea, and China have already discovered this amazing new game with a global appeal, and soon it could be available for console gamers as well.

What is Warface?

The game is set in the near future, the year 2023, when a ruthless force known as Blackwood have seized control of…pretty much everything. Warface is the name of a group of former military elites who have gone rouge in an effort to stop Blackwood’s quest for profit. What is Blackwood? Part money-hungry corporation, part bloodthirsty terrorist nightmare, Blackwood is out to control the world’s resources at any cost. Money is valued, human life is worthless. Blackwood is both well-armed and well-funded, and also willing to take down anything that gets in the way. Governments have crumbled in the chaos, and there are very few who can stand up to this incredible force. From the dust of once-mighty nations has risen a group known as Warface. These are the most elite soldiers from every military, and they have joined together as the last hope for civilians and honest people everywhere.

Choose Your Class

Players can choose one of four classes for their character, rifleman, medic, engineer, or sniper. The rifleman is an offense-based soldier who controls the supply of ammunition and can distribute it to teammates even without Warface cheats. This class packs major firepower, with assault rifles and heavy ordnance at his disposal. He can be equipped with landmine-proof footwear and explosion-proof headgear, the rifleman is a serious soldier.

The sniper is a defensive class with serious long-range firepower, the downside is his slower rate of fire and general lack of armor. With his ability to penetrate cover, you’d need a major Warface multihack to get the same kind of functionality on another class. The sniper is capable to picking off entire squads of Blackwood soldiers. One of the sniper’s unique attributes is his ability to climb structures that would normally take the cooperation of more than one soldier.

The engineer is the support class, he controls the supply of armor and can equip the soldier with his landmine-proof boots and the sniper with his specialized climbing gloves, among other things. Explosives are one of the tools of his trade, the engineer is the one setting those mines and automated machine guns. The engineer can equip himself with an explosion-proof helmet and boots that provide a speed boost.

The medic is the healing class of Warface, he is also your greatest ally in close quarters. Equipped with a short-range shotgun and defibrillator, he is as deadly to enemies as he is life-giving to friends. The medic can ressurect fallen teammates, heal the wounded, and stop an enemy’s heart.

Weapons of War

Weapon customization is definitely a fan favorite in Warface, particularly the real-time aspect. Players can choose custom scopes, muzzles, rails, and other options can be selected on the fly, allowing you to create the perfect tool for every situation. Need to get a little more range out on the street, and then increase your rate of fire as you run into a building? You don’t need Warface hacks, it’s all built right into the game. This may not be the most realistic aspect of the game, but we can promise that it is one of the most satisfying. New players be warned, the customization fun doesn’t begin right away, you’re going to have to find, acquire, and unlock various options before you can flip through options like the guys in the Warface trailers.

The guns themselves are a mashup of real weapons and imaginary ones based on real weapons. M26 hand grenades and an SA-16 missile launcher are joined by an assortment of assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, handguns, light machine guns, and sniper rifles. Players can spend their XP credit to unlock attachments for their weapons, but not every attachment works for every gun. That scope for your Remington 870 shotgun isn’t going to fit on your Beretta M9 pistol. With over 60 different weapons in the game, it’s important to know exactly what you’re using before you unlock anything.

Cooperative Experience

One of the more unique aspects of Warface’s gameplay is the need for players to cooperate with each other. The wide range of maps includes industrial shipyards and remote wilderness locations, and each of these includes positions and obstacles that require more than one player to climb. Snipers can use their specialized climbing gloves, but everyone else is going to have to find a buddy. The game allows up to five players to work together to accomplish missions in PvE mode.

The PvE missions change every day, but there are only four objectives. In a Safari scenario, your team will be stuck on a moving vehicle and taking fire from all sides. Escort missions will be familiar to every gamer, your team must defend a moving and armored unit until it arrives safely at its destination. A Defense mission will require your team to hold their position while Blackwood forces advance. Seek-and-destroy missions require you to tackle and defeat a boss, usually a Blackwood gunship.

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To keep things exciting, PvE missions can be undertaken at three different skill levels. Easy missions can be used for training, or grinding XP and loot. These low-level missions don’t update as often as the higher-level options. Professional level missions are the hardest to accomplish, only 7% of teams complete these. Pro missions and hard missions update every 24 hours, but you’re much more likely to succeed at a hard mission.

Action Time

To most FPS fans, Warface will feel familiar in most respects. The one new experience is the slide ability. Like most games, you can run, walk, crouch, scoop, and slither across the ground. You can also perform a baseball-style homerun slide pretty much anywhere you like. Sliding up to an enemy on the battlefield and wasting him point-blank will earn you a medal. Sliding out windows and over landmines is just plain fun. Along with all new content on a daily basis, this is one of those little things that makes Warface a little more fun.

Play Anywhere, with Anyone

Longtime FPS players know the drill when they want to play with friends: you can either gather everyone in the same room with a console, or you have to make sure everyone has purchased the game and added each other on the game’s specific proprietary social network, then you must all be on the same server and have their game fully updated. If you don’t have the hard drive space or everything set up just right, you can’t play with your friends.

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Warface attempts to eliminate most of this issue by running in a browser and keeping everything on the cloud. That’s right, no more spending hours downloading massive files. Connecting with your friends is built right into the game, and since the game is free there aren’t a whole lot of reasons not to give it a try together. Maps are compact, and matches are fast, Warface is a casual gamer’s dream. Crytek planned for the game to be easy for newcomers to enjoy, the small maps are easy to navigate and don’t require hours of play to master. The plan was to create a game that is easy to start playing, with enough content to keep serious players busy for the foreseeable future. Did Crytek succeed? Fans certainly think so.


Don’t have a bunch of friends to play with? PvP might be more your style. These fast-paced matches begin and end rapidly, and respawning is often faster than finding a medic. Those who want a more intense and less casual experience may prefer battling other players, and PvP mode allows you the option to play as an agent of Blackwood. PvP players may also get more use out of buffs and single-use items that last for hours or even days. This mode allows you to change your character class on the fly, along with your weapons and attachements.

Free to Play

Crytek has joined Sony Online Entertainment and a number of other game developers in hopping on the free-to-play bandwagon. Once upon a time, free-to-play was strictly the realm of casual and children’s games. Then, developers discovered that the business model was a way to breathe new life into a flagging MMO. This tactic has proved so successful that some companies now skip the pay-to-play stage entirely and make their games free-to-play at launch. SOE’s PlanetSide 2 uses this business model, and the company has found that a huge player base paying small fees for vanity items and upgrades can be more profitable than a much smaller consumer group paying much higher prices.

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So what can you buy with real money in Warface, and is it just another pay-to-win title? Crytek has tried very hard to prevent it from becoming so. Players can choose to buy XP boosts that help them level faster. In co-op mode they can purchase resurrection tokens for convenience, rather than waiting for a medic to revive them. Certain items that are available in-game can also be purchased by impatient players. Is it really a pay-to-win game? Some beta testers think so, but others disagree. Some players bypass the whole issue by using Warface cheats to get ahead, but not everyone has access to a quality Warface aimbot.


German game development company Crytek has been working on the game since 2011. Crytek has been around since 1999, when it developed the CryEngine. This is the game engine behind the Far Cry series of first-person shooters, along with a number of other games. Crytek has also developed the stylistically superb Crysis game series. The current iteration of their game engine, CryEngine 3, has been used for educational purposes, and to create military training simulations. CryEngine 3 was developed not only for PC use, but for console gaming as well. The availability of this non-proprietary engine has made the development of Warface cheats and the Warface aimbot rapid. Crytek has working partnerships with Nvidia, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and a number of other companies in the gaming world.

Warface was initially was released in Russia and South Korea. The next plan was to bring the game to mainland China, and from there to the English-speaking world. The European and North American release was supposed to happen in 2012, Crytek announced a partnership with Trion Worlds, a US-based development company specializing in massive multiplayer online games. A closed beta began in early 2013 and wrapped up in April, but news for European and North American fans has been slow since then. Trion Worlds hasn’t mentioned the game on their site since January, and has since removed most of the Warface information. Did the Crytek-Trion partnership go sour? At this point, nobody knows. Brazil and Japan are both getting Warface sometime soon though, so it can’t be long before the rest of the world gets to play.

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