Cave & Cliffs update is already on the way, meaning a lot of the new features can be tried in the 1.17 version of Minecraft. Normally, to try out new versions, you should be a part of the beta tester program, but there is another way. Get the latest Minecraft PE 1.17.0 APK and witness all the new cool stuff by yourself.

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What’s changed:

Amethyst Bud

  • Grows from budding amethyst, which is found in amethyst geodes.

Amethyst Cluster

  • The final, mature stage of the amethyst bud, which grows from budding amethyst in amethyst geodes.


  • Bush-like blocks that can be planted on dirt and grass blocks.

Azalea Leaves

  • Has variants with either no blossoms or pink blossoms.
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Block of Amethyst

Block of Raw Metal

Block of Copper

Budding Amethyst


Cave Vines

Cobbled Deepslate

Copper Ore

  • Has the same rarity as iron.

Cut Copper

Deepslate – a dark-gray stone.

Deepslate Ore


Dripstone Block

Glow Item Frame

Glow Lichen – new light block, can be gathered only with shears.

Hanging Roots

Lightning Rod

Moss Block

Moss Carpet

Pointed Dripstone – used to create stalagmite or stalactite.

Powder Snow – a variant of snow, entities that walk over it sink into it.

Rooted Dirt – a block of dirt only with root texture on it.

Sculk Sensor – a Redstone component that sends and receives Redstone signals wirelessly.

Smooth Basalt

Spore Blossom

Tinted Glass – a black variant of glass that is transparent to players, but does not let light through.

Amethyst Shard – obtained from breaking amethyst clusters.

Copper Ingot

Glow Berries – underground food source, grow on cave vines.

Glow Ink Sac

Goat Horn – dropped by a Goat.

Raw Copper

Raw Gold

Raw Iron

Spyglass – can be crafted by combining 2 Copper ingots and an Amethyst shard.

Axolotl – the first amphibian creature in Minecraft, can be caught using a bucket. You can find axolotl in flooded caves.

Goat – a new mob, native to Mountain biomes. It’s able to jump high and drops the Goat horn.

Glow Squid – underwater mob that behaves like a regular squid but glows.

As you can see, the amount of changes for this update is astounding, as well as the waiting time for it to release. Test the new features right now by downloading the latest 1.17.0 client for Android devices.

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Category: Modded games / Simulators
Current Version:
Removed license check;
Work sign in to your Microsoft account;
A working character editor with all unlocked capabilities (skins are not saved after exiting the game);
After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the following options (only work in single player!):
High damage for all weapons (including enemy mobs);
Eternal instruments.
Minecraft - Pocket Edition is a typical version of Minecraft on Android, where the fun depends on our creativity and imagination. It is necessary to build what will come to our minds, choose a mode for building the necessary and just have fun. Approach the choice of the necessary buildings extremely thoroughly, try to use the blocks correctly and win. Numerous obstacles and enemies will disturb us throughout the game, try not only to build, but also to survive in a world full of monsters and scary creatures. Build your home for yourself, expand the territory of your area, and grow crops and breed animals. Try to get various tasks and quests, complete them and enjoy the game!


  • High-quality and diverse gameplay of the game!
  • Musical accompaniment and other moments!
  • Timekiller in its purest form!
  • Bleeding!
  • Interesting pixel setting!
  • Easy control!
  • Fantasy for a better game!
  • Several modes!
  • Interaction with the environment!
  • The ability to crafting the right items!
  • Unique armor and weapons!

How to install (Update)

  • First download the APK file from our website;
  • Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the settings on Android. This function is located in the 'Security' section;
  • Using ES File Explorer or any other file manager, find the downloaded APK file. Usually it is located in the Downloads folder;
  • Open the downloaded file and install;
  • If you update the original application, and not the mod, then the old version can not be deleted. If you are trying to install a modified version on top of the original, the installation may not complete. You have to delete the old version. (There is no guarantee to save the game process);
  • If errors occur - write in the comments, we will be happy to help you.

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